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How to Keep Dentures from Affecting Your Sense of Taste

As one of only five senses, taste is essential to enjoying our quality of life. When you cannot taste your food properly, a little bit of the joy in life goes away. Not only that, but you can lose motivation to eat, which can lead to poor nutrition. We naturally lose our sense of taste [...]

4 Things to Watch for in Dentistry (Plus One Bonus!)

While you may not think about your teeth unless they are causing you pain, the world of dentistry is evolving. Here’s some of the trends that may turn your frown upside down. 1. Clear Aligners Braces traditionally involved a mouth full of metal and some very painful procedures that were cost prohibitive. Nowadays, that isn’t [...]

Denture Wearers Deserve High Quality Care, Too

One of the things we’ve heard from patients who come to us from other dental practices is that they don’t receive the level of care they want. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the highest level of dental care possible. But even to the lower standards of care that most dental practices offer, [...]

Challenges to Keeping Your Smile Beautiful as You Get Older

When we’re younger, our teeth are beautiful. They are white, luminous, and long. And it can be relatively easy to keep them that way. Many young people don’t brush or floss as often as they should, but their smiles don’t seem to suffer much. However, that changes as we get older. Often because of our [...]

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace a Partial Denture with Dental Implants

Partial dentures are probably the least popular restoration in dentistry. Most patients are unhappy with them, but dentures are often even more unhappy with them. Partial dentures are an outdated solution for the loss of one or several teeth. Although some people get value from them, they can cause more problems than they solve. And [...]

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