Are you tired of relying on denture adhesive to try to keep your dentures in place? Are you considering them but don’t want to have to glue them in? Do you want dentures that look great and don’t slip when you eat or talk? Beyond Exceptional dentures are designed to give you the best possible fit. They not only fit well, they function well, and can improve your facial appearance as well.

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Be Happy with your Dentures

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Why are most denture wearers unhappy with their dentures? Simply because they don’t fit well enough for everyday comfort and function. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • They are poorly fitted from the start
  • Others may seem fine at first, but even slightly off fitting makes them wear out quickly
  • Your mouth may change in response to traditional options, worsening the fit

In general, a traditional denture, even when made by an experienced dentist who makes many of them, are a poor substitute for your natural teeth.

Dental implants and FOY® Dentures both strive to overcome the limitations of traditional ones to give you a denture you can be truly happy with.

What Makes FOY® Dentures Different

In general, denture options can be broken down into three major categories:

  • Economy Dentures: These sacrifice fit and appearance to be inexpensive, quick, and easy for the dentist. They are not highly customized to they can be completed quickly, and are even sometimes marketed as “dentures in a day.” Patients who have tried them sometimes joke that they come in just three sizes: small, medium, and large–that’s how bad they fit!
  • Traditional Dentures: These are commonly used by general dentists. They provide a reasonable fit and appearance, but many people complain about the function. They not only slip and click when talking and eating, they don’t stimulate your jawbone, which can result in a loss of bone mass and density, which can in turn make them fit more poorly over time. They generally prevent you from eating popular foods like steak, apples, and corn on the cob.
  • Neuromuscular or FOY® Dentures: Because of our dedication to quality results, these are the only ones we feel comfortable offering our patients. Designed using neuromuscular principles and only the highest quality materials, they are more expensive than other dentures, but offer superior fit and function that makes them worth the cost.

How Neuromuscular Principles Improve FOY® Dentures

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Neuromuscular dentistry is the study of how your mouth works as a system, looking at the interaction of muscles, bones, teeth, and more to create a more complete understanding of your mouth’s functional relationships. The fit of your dentures depends partly on your jaw muscles, and only by achieving stable and relaxed jaw muscles can we achieve the best possible fit.

In addition, the position for best muscle function is also the position for maximum facial support. When your dentures are fit in this way, they restore your face’s youthful proportion and appearance. It’s the same principle behind our nonsurgical Beyond Exceptional.

If you’ve ever seen the way a person’s face can collapse or “sink in” when they remove your dentures, you have seen this principle in action. Without the support of teeth or dentures, the face cannot maintain its proper shape, and only by fitting dentures to the position of maximum support can we eliminate the effect entirely. People with poorly fitting ones still have some of this effect even when wearing them.

By taking the time to utilize neuromuscular dentistry techniques to construct the proper denture fit, we can sometimes make our patients look 20 years younger. They also report how much more they can eat with their new dentures compared to their old traditional options.

The process of making neuromuscular dentures is longer, more involved, and they are more expensive. But with the improved fit, comfort, function, and appearance, most of our patients find them to be a good investment.

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