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Durham offers Beyond Exceptional Dentistry to our friends and neighbors in Hilton Head. We offer a unique, memorable dental experience, but it’s the life-changing beauty and function of our results that our patients truly never forget. These results speak for themselves–check out our smile gallery. And listen to our patients rave about their cosmetic dentistry experience and results in their testimonials.

We know that when you’ve looked at our smile gallery and listened to the testimonials, you will want to talk to a dentist about what we can do for you.

Smile Gallery

Meet Our Cosmetic Dentists

Ryan Reeves DDS offering cosmetic dentistry


Inventor of VitaSmile

Dr. Rod Strickland, DDS, Cosmetic Dentist


Inventor of FOY ® Dentures

Dr. Ryan M. Reeves, DDS, Hilton Head cosmetic dentistry


LVI Master Cosmetic Dentist

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FOY Dentures Savannah


VitaSmile Hilton Head Bluffton, SC


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World Class Cosmetic Dentists in Savannah

Our Heart Is In Hilton Head

The Durham Office is deeply involved in the Hilton Head community. For the better part of a decade, we’ve had an office in Bluffton, and we’ve considered the area part of our community for much longer.

Among the projects we’re involved with is the Hilton Head Christian Academy, where Dr. Strickland is president of the board, where he has helped steer the institution toward its new 21st century location, design, and educational program.

Cosmetic Dentists in Savannah with Industry Leading technology

Industry Leading Innovation

At Durham, we strive to be at the forefront of dentistry. Beyond Exceptional Dentistry is our promise to you, and that includes offering dental care utilizing the latest techniques and cosmetic dentistry technologies. We were among the first practices to turn away from metal amalgam fillings in favor of tooth-colored fillings and restorations. Dr. Strickland realized there was no way to meet the denture needs of the 21st century with a 19th century technique so he invented the advanced FOY® Dentures technique. We continue adopting leading-edge technologies like NuCalm, which uses neuroscience to calm dental anxiety.

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Are You a New Patient?

We work hard to make our patients feel comfortable and welcome right from their first visit. Although we know it takes time to build a trusting relationship, we strive to always get off on the right foot with our new patients.

Watch this brief video to see how we make your first visit special.

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A Tradition of Excellence

Forty years ago, Dr. Durham became recognized as one of the nation’s leading cosmetic dentists. He knew he was changing the nature of dentistry, and he also knew that he needed to select singular dental talents to be caretakers of his legacy. That’s why he handpicked cosmetic dentists Dr. Rod Strickland and Dr. Ryan Reeves, who are committed to the same principles of exceptional dentistry that built our reputation.

Along with their own exceptional teams, they continue to provide unmatched cosmetic dentistry to our patients.

Cosmetic Dentists Savannah - Dr. Rod Strickland, Dr. Ryan Reeves and Dr. Brad Durham

Patient-Centered Cosmetic Dentistry

Some cosmetic dentists think they know what the best smile is, and they use their vision of that smile on every patient. Our dentists know that you are a unique person who deserves your own custom smile. That’s why our dentists lay their skill, talent, and experience at your service.

We always start by listening to you. We try to understand your current concerns and future goals for your smile. Once we understand what you want, we will design a plan to achieve it.

In fact, we can usually design multiple plans, all with their own unique benefits. You can choose from among these plans to get the one that is best suited to you.

Beauty and Health in Harmony

Many dentists see themselves as troubleshooters. They look at the problems with your teeth and solve them as they come up. This tends to keep your teeth always at the edge of failing–there’s no anticipation of problems until they crop up. This affects not only your teeth, it can make your overall health suffer.

Our approach to dentistry is to try to make your teeth as healthy as we can make them. This anticipates problems, heading them off before they affect your teeth and your overall health.

This doesn’t just make your smile beautiful with cosmetic dentistry, it helps keep your smile in shape so that it properly supports the proportions of a youthful face. Not only will your smile look younger, your face will, too.

If you are looking for a smile that rejuvenates your appearance and your health, we can help. Please call (843) 706-2999 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Durham in Hilton Head.

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