Dr. Reeves’ groundbreaking innovation, VitaSmile, relieves pain and dramatically prevents signs of aging, while providing patients across the country a true life transformation.

Meet Dr. Reeves

Dr. Ryan Reeves is a master of innovation in cosmetic and physiologic dentistry, focusing on smile rejuvenation, aesthetic veneers and migraine relief. The inventor of a new non-invasive solution, VitaSmile, Dr. Reeves eliminates patient pain and reinvigorates smiles.

Your smile can be affected by many factors that will impact its health, beauty, and function. Tooth decay, gum disease, injury, oral cancer, and age can all lead to a smile that is not as attractive and functional as you desire. At the Hilton Head office, we offer Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, including cosmetic and restorative dental procedures that can make your smile as attractive as it was during your youth–or even more so!

To learn how VitaSmile can help you, please call (843) 706-2999 or email the Hilton Head office today to schedule an appointment at our Bluffton dental office.

What is VitaSmile?

A VitaSmile is similar to a smile makeover, but includes attention to the functional and health aspects of treatment in addition to aesthetic aspects.

Each patients needs are customized. It may include:

  • Filling restoration and upgrades
  • Dental crowns
  • Endodontic therapy (root canal)
  • Dental implants
  • Orthodontic treatment (such as Invisalign
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening

For some cases of severe TMJ, VitaSmile is recommended to achieve optimal, long-term proper alignment of the jaw. Tekscan is a technology that helps us ensure your bite is properly set up. This digital pressure meter measures the force on every tooth and restoration so we can ensure your bite forces are properly balanced for long-term health and stability.

Your VitaSmile

VitaSmile begins with a thorough examination by Dr. Reeves. We will then listen to your aesthetic and functional goals. Finally, we will make recommendations about which cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedures can best help you achieve your goals.

Although it may include many procedures, VitaSmile may be completed in just 2 or 3 visits. Many people want VitaSmile, but find they are held back by dental anxiety. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can help you overcome your anxiety to get the dental treatment you need and desire.

Ready to book your VitaSmile appointment, please contact the Hilton Head office today for an appointment at our Bluffton, South Carolina office.