The Wand Tech Card

We are one of the best equipped offices in the country.

Comfort Technology

The Wand – a computer controlled anesthesia injective system that is incredibly comfortable. Most patients exclaim, “I didn’t feel a thing!”

Sedation Therapy – through the use of specific monitoring equipment and pills (not IV), you can wake up with a new smile!

N20 – “laughing gas” makes your dental visits more comfortable and our jokes funnier!

NuCalm – Drug-free relaxation dentistry. Don’t just get through your dental appointment: enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating session similar to deep meditation.

Lasers – laser technology provides quicker, more precise, and more comfortable treatment. Check out our VersaWave Dental laser, technology at it’s highest.

Micro Abrasion – technology to provide certain small fillings without needing shots or a drill.

Entertainment – we provide audio, video, DVD, entertainment to attract your attention while you receive our services.

Custom Chairs – we designed our own patient chairs for your comfort. They even have vibration and heating pads!

Cosmetic Technology


Whitening Technology – We can whiten your smile in as little as an hour or provide you with custom trays for at home use.

Porcelain Technology and Metal Free Technology – We no longer need to use ugly metals in your mouth.

Computer Imaging – By using computer graphics and simulations, we can design you a new smile and show you the finished result before you begin treatment.

Treatment Technology

Surgical Lasers – We have additional lasers that we use for gum treatment and resculpting, providing a quick and precise result. Check out our VersaWave Dental laser, dental technology at it’s highest.

Cameras – We document our treatment with digital cameras and you can even see your new tooth on a special camera that fits inside your mouth.

Digital X-Rays – Our system gives us an instant image (no processing) and reduces radiation by 80%.

Myotronics Equipment – One of the first in the state, we can predictably and quickly treat TMJ problems, or design a new bite using this state of the art computer.

Specialized Training – Each year we complete hundreds of hours in specialized training to insure you receive the most modern technology

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VersaWave Hard & Soft Tissue Laser

Our practice is built on the foundation of excellence. That’s why we call ourselves “Beyond Exceptional Dentistry”.

We are always striving to provide the best in Cosmetic Dentistry, but sometimes we’re limited by the current technology. This is why we are so pleased that HOYA ConBio has developed the VersaWave.

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VersaWave Dental Hard & Soft Tissue Laser

This new laser is the most practical and least invasive laser on the market. It is a huge advancement allowing us to preform many new procedures that once would have required a scapel and stitches.

Examples of procedures that can be preformed with the VersaWave:

  • Cosmetic Gum Recountouring
  • Cosmetic Bone Recountouring
  • Periodontal (gum) Treatments
  • Small cavities treated without the drill
  • And many more