Did you know that restoring your smile can take years off your appearance? Wrinkles, facial folds, and sagging jowls can all be caused or worsened by wear on your teeth. Restoring teeth to their youthful proportions can reduce the appearance of these signs of aging, dramatically rejuvenating your face, without surgery.

This page explains the principles behind a non-surgical facelift, but if you’re in the Hilton Head area, and you want our dentists to show you how it can help you, please call (843) 706-2999 or email Beyond Exceptional Dentistry‘s Bluffton office to schedule an appointment.

As Your Teeth Age, So Does Your Face

The muscles and skin of your face developed as your teeth grew, and they achieved an attractive harmony in your youthful face. Over the years, as your teeth have aged, this harmony has been disrupted.

You may have noticed that your teeth have become discolored with age–or maybe you use teeth whitening to prevent it–but your teeth have also worn down, losing length and changing the way they fit together. This can result in many changes in your facial appearance, such as:

  • Lips becoming thin, compressed and wrinkled
  • Jowls begin to sag below the jaw line
  • A crease developing between your chin and lower lip
  • Skin of the lower face gets squished

Overall, your face gets a sagging appearance, which more wrinkles and facial folds, causing you to look older than your true age.

Is a Non-surgical Facelift Better than a Surgical One?

Mature couple stop on the beach to look out at the ocean

A non-surgical dental facelift takes a different approach to rejuvenating your facial appearance. A non-surgical facelift rebuilds your face’s structure from the inside, giving your face its more youthful proportions. A surgical facelift tries to reshape your face’s tissues to match the new proportions.

To do this, they have to cut away skin and other tissue, then pull what remains up and back to try to construct a youthful appearance over your aged teeth. The result can often look unnatural, and if often doesn’t look as you did when you were younger.

By reconstructing the dental support for your face, a non-surgical facelift gives your face back its proper proportion, naturally accommodating the skin, muscles, and other tissues of your face. This can be done even if you have lost teeth.

We can help you understand how this non-surgical facelift can help. Just send us a digital image, and we’ll send you back a simulation of your new smile.

Or we can talk in person about the impact a non-surgical facelift can have on your appearance. Please call (843) 706-2999 or contact Beyond Exceptional Dentistry today to schedule an appointment at our Hilton Head location in Bluffton.