Tooth Colored Fillings

Mouth Symptoms Related to Metal Fillings and Crowns

Did you know that your metal fillings could also be related to some unpleasant symptoms in your mouth? Metal crowns and fillings aren’t the most attractive dental treatments. They can cause cracks in your teeth, tooth sensitivity, and they look unnatural. This has likely caused you to consider Cosmetic Renewal Hilton Head

Should You Remove Metal Restorations or Leave Them in?

Many of us have metal restorations from the days when they were the only commonly used materials available. However, as dentistry has moved away from the use of metal restorations, you may be wondering whether you should remove your metal restorations or leave them in. Although metal restorations may be highly [...]

New Dental Amalgam Rule Provides Consistent Standard for Toxic Discharge

With endorsement from the American Dental Association, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established consistent rules for removing toxic mercury from wastewater before it leaves the dental office. The new rule requires a one-time installation of a metal amalgam separator, but stops short of requiring constant monitoring of mercury emissions from dental offices. The [...]