Cosmetic renewal is an ideal procedure for patients who have old restorations that no longer look attractive. Did you get porcelain veneers several decades ago, and you’re unhappy with them today? Did you choose bargain restorations that never looked as good as you hoped? Do you have metal fillings or crowns that you want to trade for aesthetic tooth-colored ones? Technology in cosmetic dentistry now allows us to give everyone a highly attractive smile, no matter what restorations you received before.

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Reasons for Cosmetic Renewal

There are many reasons why people want cosmetic renewals, such as:

  • Old restorations that have become stained or chipped after decades of service
  • Unnatural-looking restorations that you want to look more natural
  • Metal fillings that have turned black (can be replaced with tooth-colored fillings
  • Metal or porcelain fused to metal crowns that are conspicuous.
  • Old bridges with visible wire ties
  • Natural teeth need cosmetic work to match restorations

These can all be corrected in a single cosmetic renewal.

The Cosmetic Renewal Procedure

First, we begin by listening to your cosmetic goals. We want to hear you describe your current smile in your own words and talk about how you want it to look. Then we will give you a detailed exam to determine what we can accomplish.

Once the exam is complete, we will make recommendations for your cosmetic renewal. Often, we can give you several different options for meeting your cosmetic goals, depending on the quality of results you are looking for, the amount of time you have for the renewal, and your budget.

We often recommend tooth whitening at the beginning of the cosmetic renewal process. This allows us to match your restorations to your natural teeth’s whitest shade.

Discreet Restorations

Many people don’t want their friends, family, or even their dentist to know they are getting their cosmetic renewal. We understand this, and can do it subtly for you. Likely your dentist will notice after the fact, but once it is done, you can avoid the conversation about why you don’t think your dentist is qualified to do your renewal. Others will likely only be able to tell that you look younger and more attractive and suddenly seem more confident as well.

To talk to Dr. Strickland or Dr. Reeves about your cosmetic renewal, please call (843) 706-2999 or contact Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Hilton Head, SC today.