Not all dentures are the same. To get the best dentures, you have to ask the right questions that can tell the difference. These questions can separate quality dentures from economy dentures, and help ensure that your dentures are beautiful, durable, and functional. These getting new dentures questions will help you decide if dentures are right for you.

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How Are Dentures Fitted?

One of the most important questions to ask your dentist about dentures is how well they fit. And how well they fit depends largely on how they are fitted.

Cheap dentures receive only a partial fitting. The denture itself is largely pre-made, so you pick from a few different sizes of dentures, sometimes six, and sometimes less. These pre-made dentures are fitted to your gums by taking an impression of your gums, that helps dentures fit on the gums. But your dentures should ideally fit more than your gums, and many people who get these dentures find they are too big and uncomfortable.

Traditional dentures aren’t just fitted to your gums. They’re fitted to your mouth. In addition to taking impressions of your gums, detailed measurements of your mouth are taken and the dentures are designed to fit in your mouth. These dentures aren’t pre-made, they’re built based on the measurements taken of your mouth. But even fitting dentures to your mouth isn’t enough, and dentures that are fitted in this way can lead to sagging and folding in the mouth area because they don’t quite replace the full volume of lost teeth and bones.

To get dentures that truly fit properly, you have to work with a dentist that fits them to your face as well. FOY® Dentures are fitted using neuromuscular dentistry, which measures the proper proportions of dentures based on your muscles, skin, and other tissues. These dentures not only fit comfortably, but they also help rejuvenate your appearance, helping you look younger. If your dentures cause you pain or feel uncomfortable, it’s likely due to an improper fit.

How Are Dentures Secured?

Another one of the most important denture questions is in regards to how dentures are secured. Traditional dentures are secured (and we use that term loosely) using only suction. These are known as vacuum dentures. Essentially, the dentures are pressed against your mouth, creating a seal (often with the help of denture adhesive). This creates a partial vacuum under dentures that holds them in place. Needless to say, this only creates a small amount of force, a force that depends on the area of the dentures, which then tend to be too big and cover so much of your mouth that they can interfere with talking and eating. They can also disrupt your ability to taste food.

But quality dentures work best when secured with dental implants. Dental implants are secured in your jawbone, similar to your natural teeth. This allows your dentures to function like natural teeth and means that they don’t have to be bulky and don’t have to cover your upper palate. We recommend this method for FOY® Dentures. Dental implants work much better than vacuum dentures for keeping your teeth secure and in place.

What Are the Teeth Made of?

In many dentures, teeth are made of plastic. Although these can initially look attractive, they are more likely to get stained and more likely to be dulled by use and worn down with time. They may also be less functional–if you’ve ever been frustrated trying to cut meat at a BBQ with a plastic knife, you know what we mean.

Quality dentures like FOY® Dentures use teeth that are made of advanced ceramics. These not only look more natural and attractive–they’re very similar to the material used in porcelain veneers–they are harder, which means they retain an edge better, making them better able to cut through food for chewing, and more durable for long-term use.

How Is the Base Made?

Nearly all denture bases are made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. PMMA comes in a variety of qualities and densities. Make sure your denture base is made of high-density PMMA. Not only will this look better and hold up better, but it also helps reduce discoloration and smells. Low-density PMMA is more porous, so more gets into them to stain and cause odors.

But also ask about the aesthetics of the denture base. Cheap dentures have a base that does little to emulate natural gum tissue. Quality dentures use a layering process that gives dentures a similar translucency and texture to natural gums. And there can even be inclusions that mimic natural blood vessels to give your dentures the most natural appearance possible.

Ask Us About Quality Dentures in Hilton Head

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