Your Complete Guide to Migraine Triggers and Treatments

If you can understand the reasons why you have migraines, you can head them off before they start. That will be your best possible treatment option. Before you spend any more time trying different treatments that don’t work, learn about the different migraine triggers, and try to determine what might be [...]

By |November 2nd, 2020|Headaches, TMJ|

Why You Shouldn’t Try Mewing

If you’re unhappy with crooked teeth and/or the shape of your profile, you might have looked into ways to straighten your teeth and reshape your profile. If so, you have probably come across the concept of “mewing.”  Although many people online promote this technique, it is unproven, and potentially dangerous to your oral health [...]

By |March 18th, 2020|TMJ|

7 Types of Denture Pain

Dentures are supposed to help people who have lost their teeth, but the unfortunate truth is that dentures often result in significant pain for wearers. How? Let us count the ways . . .   Loose, Rubbing Dentures One common problem with poorly fitting dentures is that they slide around in the mouth, which causes [...]

Can You Blame your Migraines on Coffee?

If you’re like most Americans, you probably start most days with a cup of coffee. There’s nothing wrong with starting your day with a bracing cup of coffee, but a new study suggests that going back to the java well--or any source of caffeine--too many times a day could be contributing to your Migraine Headaches Hilton Head

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