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Vacation Headaches Are Surprisingly Common

Hilton Head is a common vacation destination. All summer long, we welcome thousands of visitors, and we’re very happy when everyone who comes here has a great time and leaves happy. However, some people come to Hilton Head and find that they can’t enjoy their vacation because they get headaches. It seems [...]

Jessica Korda Becoming a Top Golfer after Fixing Bite Problem

Golf might seem like a simple game: hit the ball into the hole. But golfers know that this is often a lot more complex than it seems. Controlling  your swing and getting good distance and aim consistently is a big challenge for many golfers. Many factors go into your golf swing, including your bite. At [...]

If Chiropractic Therapy Isn’t Relieving Neck Pain, TMJ May Be the Problem

For many people, chiropractic care is a great way to relieve pain, limited movement, and other dysfunction in the back and neck. For others, though, chiropractic care doesn’t resolve the problem. Instead, neck and back problems recur despite treatment, although chiropractic care may provide short-term or partial relief. A recent published case study revealed that [...]

By |February 8th, 2018|Headaches, TMJ|

Many Migraine Sufferers Inappropriately Given Opioids

We have a problem with medications in this country. Medications can be very helpful, but many doctors rely on them too heavily. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the opioid crisis. Opioids are powerful drugs that can relieve pain, but they can also be addictive and deadly. Overdoses on legal opioids [...]

Are Your Post-Traumatic Headaches Caused by TMJ?

If you’ve been involved in some kind of accident, you may develop headaches that are known as post-traumatic headaches. The common assumption is that these headaches are caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI) related to your accident, but it’s also possible that these could be caused by TMJ. What Is Post-Traumatic Headache? Post-traumatic

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