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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Is Phased Dental Treatment Right for You?

If you’re considering a smile makeover or need major restorative dentistry, you might be looking at a long list of treatments that you need to get done. It might seem like too much, in fact. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed thinking about it all. We understand, and [...]

Common Stresses That Contribute to Bruxism

Stress is a constant in modern life. And it’s increasing recently. More people are reporting stress-related symptoms than in the past. Among the symptoms of stress is bruxism, the clenching and grinding of teeth. In fact, as much as 70% of bruxism cases are related to stress. Teeth clenching and grinding can have a [...]

Losing One Tooth Doesn’t Mean the Rest Are Doomed

If you’re like many people and put dental care on the back burner for years, you were probably shocked when you were told you were going to lose your first tooth. Whether it was the result of tooth decay or gum disease, a lost tooth usually isn’t due just to a problem with [...]

7 Ways to Ruin Your Smile (That We Can Fix!)

Your smile is precious. It’s a great social and professional asset, and it’s the only one you’ve got. Unfortunately, it’s also vulnerable to many potential risks. But the good news is that no matter what may have ruined your smile--we can help you get it back with a full mouth reconstruction. We want [...]

PFM Crown Failure: Should You Go Metal or Porcelain?

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) dental crowns were used as a technological stopgap when people were beginning to realize just how important it was to have attractive dental restorations but ceramics weren’t yet strong enough to fulfill the role. A thin layer of porcelain was bonded to a metal substructure, hoping for the best of both [...]

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