When people look at your smile, they make judgments about who you are. Most of these judgments are unfair, but that doesn’t prevent people from making them. But this isn’t a new thing. In the past, people thought your teeth showed specific aspects of your character.

Even though we don’t have the same notion of what teeth symbolize, cosmetic dentistry can still help you avoid some of the snap judgments people make when they see your teeth.

A Complex System of Meanings

Symbolism of TeethAlthough there were many informal notions about what teeth meant in the past (such as the notion that a gap in your teeth symbolized lustfulness), the most complex system of symbolism of teeth was physiognomy. Physiognomy is the “science” of reading a person’s character based on their facial features, including their smile.

Some of the meanings that have been given to smiles are included below:

Broad teeth, standing close together are said to represent tranquility of spirit in some systems, but in other systems were equated with vanity.

Weakness, on the other hand, is related to long teeth that may be yellow, as well as a jawbone bent near the ear.

A gummy smile is associated with a cold and phlegmatic personality.

People with a melancholy personality, on the other hand, are said to have well-arranged, clean, white teeth. In other systems, clean, white, straight teeth represent honesty.

“Clear” teeth are especially important for a “noble, spotless maiden.” Sharp teeth, though, can be associated with a lustful and wanton character.

Overlapping upper teeth are associated with people who acquire goods and money, either through greed or saving.

Modern Symbolism

Although many of the meanings discussed above persisted through the 19th century, today we don’t put the same symbolism on teeth. We’ve acquired a completely different set. In particular, all positive characteristics have become associated with people who have straight, attractive teeth. If your teeth are attractive, you are considered to be more intelligent, more healthy, and more successful. Attractive teeth can help with personal relationships and professional ones.

If you are unhappy with the judgments people are making about you based on your teeth, we can help. A smile makeover can give you the smile you desire, allowing you to show the character you want.

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