If you’re considering a smile makeover or need major restorative dentistry, you might be looking at a long list of treatments that you need to get done. It might seem like too much, in fact. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed thinking about it all.

We understand, and in some cases, we can change our approach to a phased treatment that will give you the results you’re looking for by spacing out treatment over a longer period. Here are some of the more common reasons why people seek phased treatment.

A group of business men and women smiling faces each in their own phase of dental treatment.

“I’m Not Ready to Commit.”

We understand–it’s a lot to commit to right now. It might be a hard thing to do, especially if this is the first time we’ve worked together. It’s okay: do what you need to do to find your trust: look at our gallery and reviews, do research, get a second opinion, whatever it takes.

And give us a chance to earn your trust. Let us divide your treatment plan into several phases. Then you can commit to just phase one, and we guarantee when you see the results, you’ll be excited for and ready to commit to phase two.

“I Can’t Sit Still for That.”

In some cases, a comprehensive treatment plan might call for considerable chair time. Not everyone is up for that. Sitting in a dental chair for hours can put stress on your back and on your jaw. Not to mention your nerves–minor anxiety can multiply over time to make a long procedure challenging. For many people, sedation dentistry is a great way to overcome these problems, and we even offer NuCalm, a drug-free relaxation alternative.

But if you still don’t think you’re capable of long stretches in the dental chair or if your schedule doesn’t permit long appointments, we can use phased treatment to shrink down the appointments. You’ll have more of them, but they’ll be much more manageable.

“I Can’t Afford It.”

Your smile is a great investment, and it will pay dividends in an improved quality of life, better health, and potentially more income. However, that might not change the fact that you can’t afford the procedure right now.

To help with the problem, we offer multiple financing options. The terms are often reasonable and can really help to make dental treatments fit in any budget.

But we also understand that many people don’t want to finance their treatment, or might have trouble because of past credit problems.

If that’s the case for you, phased treatment can help. Instead of putting treatments on credit, you just pay for the part you’re getting now, and pay for the other parts when you get them. We can design your treatment plan so that you can stay in budget while getting the smile restoration or beautification that you desire.

Not All Treatment Can Be Phased

Of course, we need to note that it’s not always possible to phase your treatment. Or sometimes we can break it up, but certain phases are going to be much larger than others. We want to make sure your treatment is healthy for you and your teeth, and sometimes doing that means we can’t divide your treatment up into small parts.

For example, if you have serious tooth decay that is progressing, we can’t let it keep damaging your teeth. If we do, those teeth might not be healthy in the future and won’t be able to play the same role in your treatment. Plus, unhealthy teeth can lead to serious systemic health problems–they can even turn into a deadly site of infection. If we see that as a potential risk, we’re not going to try to phase around it.

We might also find that your bite won’t let us phase treatment. If phasing treatment is going to put excessive force on some of your natural teeth or your restorations, we won’t do it. Otherwise, we’d risk damage to teeth and restorations that could undo all the previous work, and potentially make the situation work.

If you are looking for phased treatment, we will evaluate your treatment plan and let you know how we can potentially phase it to achieve your goals.

Get the Smile You’ve Been Dreaming of

Phased treatment can help you overcome some of the obstacles that have stopped you from getting cosmetic or restorative dentistry in the past. The only way to find out if you’re a candidate is by talking to a dentist in person. Please call (843) 706-2999 today for an appointment with a Hilton Head area cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Bluffton.