Non-Surgical Facelifts

Work-From-Home Boosts Plastic Surgery, but Nonsurgical Facelifts Better

If you thought about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on plastic surgery, you would probably expect it gave it anything but a boost. After all, clinics in many areas shuttered for elective procedures. However, it’s what many plastic surgeons are reporting: they saw a major boost in interest from plastic surgery patients during the pandemic. [...]

Why Dental Rejuvenation Might Be Better Than “Lift-and-Fill Facelift”

For years, plastic surgeons have been grappling with the limitations of the facelift procedure. When there were no alternatives, people accepted the high risk of complications, the potential for facial distortion, and the high cost of facelifts. However, as alternatives have come along, people are no longer choosing facelifts as they used [...]

Why Exercise Won’t Give You the Perfect Jawline

There are many parts of your body you can sculpt (to some degree) with exercise: buttocks, chest, and arms, for example. But these body parts have one thing in common: they have muscles that you can exercise to increase definition in that area. Your jawline, on the other hand, doesn’t have any muscles, so it [...]