Many people want to look younger but want to avoid all the downsides of a traditional facelift, such as the risk of surgical complications, the risk of poor cosmetic result, and the long, painful recovery. Sometimes people are told that the best option for this is a mini facelift, sometimes called a Weekend Lift or Lifestyle Lift. However, this smaller surgical option has many disadvantages when compared to a nonsurgical facelift or FOY Dentures®.

Still a Surgical Procedure

One problem with a mini facelift is that it’s still a surgical procedure. Although it results in less discomfort, a shorter recovery time, and smaller scars, it still requires cutting and repositioning the skin, takes time to recover from, and will leave you with scars.


One of the big problems people complain about with a mini facelift is that they just can’t see the difference. After spending $7000 or more and undergoing surgery, people had hoped for big changes, but the results for a mini facelift are often so minor that experienced plastic surgeons caution against them for this very reason.

Short Duration

Another big complaint about mini facelifts is that the results don’t always last long enough to justify the procedure. Some people see results that last a couple years, while others see results that last much less than that.

Inexperienced Practitioners

Another problem with mini facelifts is that they’re often promoted to surgeons as an easy way to add facelifts to their practice. The surgeons receive a relatively brief training, along with a certification and branding information. This isn’t adequate training to perform a surgical and highly visible procedure like a facelift.

A Nonsurgical Facelift Is a Better Option

If you are considering a mini facelift, look into a nonsurgical facelift instead. Not only is this not a surgical procedure, so there are no scars and no risk of surgical complications, but your results will last much, much longer–perhaps a decade with proper care.

And you’ll get a beautiful smile on top of it all.

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