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4 Things to Watch for in Dentistry (Plus One Bonus!)

While you may not think about your teeth unless they are causing you pain, the world of dentistry is evolving. Here’s some of the trends that may turn your frown upside down. 1. Invisalign Clear Braces Braces traditionally involved a mouth full of metal and some very painful procedures that were cost prohibitive. Nowadays, that [...]

Are These Cracks in My Teeth Serious?

You may have noticed small vertical cracks in your teeth. You may be worried that this is a sign that your teeth are becoming seriously damaged, and that may be true. On the other hand, it may be that what you’re seeing is craze lines, which are tiny cracks in teeth that are unattractive, but [...]

Dr. Strickland Oversees Construction of New Hilton Head Christian Academy

Dr. Rod Strickland keeps busy. In addition to working as a cosmetic dentist here at The Durham Office, developing the Denture Fountain of Youth®, and teaching FOY® Dentures classes, he serves as the president of the Board of the Hilton Head Christian Academy (HHCA), and has helped guide the [...]

Should You Try to Restore Your Old Smile or Create a New One?

If you are considering a smile makeover, we have to start by figuring out how you want to transform your smile. In general, there are two common goals people try to achieve. Some people want to restore the smile they had when they were younger. Others, however, want to achieve a smile they’ve always wanted [...]

Our Context of Beauty Keeps Changing

We know that nothing in this life stays the same, but it seems that our standards of beauty are one thing that can actually change really fast. This can happen in microseconds to individuals, so it doesn’t take long for the social perception of beauty to shift significantly. That’s according to a re-examination of our [...]

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