We know that nothing in this life stays the same, but it seems that our standards of beauty are one thing that can actually change really fast. This can happen in microseconds to individuals, so it doesn’t take long for the social perception of beauty to shift significantly.

That’s according to a re-examination of our understanding of how the human brain processes vital information like perceptions of beauty. This could explain why you no longer feel happy about old cosmetic dentistry.

Why Beauty Standards Change

Yes, Beauty Is Vital Information

Many people have a tendency to dismiss beauty as something of secondary importance, trivial vanity. But the truth is that beauty really matters. It matters so much that the brain has developed shortcuts to make sure it doesn’t make mistakes when assessing someone’s beauty.

In fact, the brain is wired to make assessments of someone’s beauty in just a quick glance. The problem is that the brain is being constantly bombarded by more visual information than it can handle, so it has to have shorthand methods to make beauty judgements quickly.

The first strategy it uses is to assume someone’s beautiful if you only get a quick glance, not enough to make a full judgement. That’s because if you assume someone is attractive, you are more likely to try to get a second glance to find out for sure, but if you assume someone is unattractive, you might let them go without checking. And that could mean missing the perfect mate or even a romantic rival.

Second, the brain assumes that if you were looking at an attractive face a moment ago, the next face you’re looking at is also attractive, especially if it shares a few features.

Finally, the brain is wired to pay attention to what everyone else considers attractive. It doesn’t want to miss out on the next social trend, so it’s looking for information about the new standards of beauty.

Put all these together and you can see how our aggregate notions of beauty can change. People primed by looking at celebrities they consider attractive then expose themselves to numerous pictures of people’s faces rapidly using something like Tinder or other dating apps can cause personal notions of beauty to change quite rapidly, and through the influence of numerous personal notions of beauty.

Is Your Old Cosmetic Dentistry Not Attractive Anymore?

High-quality cosmetic dentistry is very long-lasting. It is strong and stain-resistant, so it can maintain its appearance for years, even decades. Normally, this is good, but when standards of beauty can change, it’s possible you no longer feel that the dentistry you got some years ago is still attractive.

After a decade or so, you might want to refresh your looks to keep up to current standards.

We Can Update Your Cosmetic Dentistry

At The Durham Office in the Hilton Head area, we know how to deliver the latest, most beautiful results in cosmetic dentistry. We are very experienced in helping people who are unhappy with their previous cosmetic dentistry. It might be dentistry you got at another dentist that has never looked attractive, very old dentistry that is no longer attractive, or not so old dentistry that you no longer like the look of.

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