Dentures are designed to be worn most of the day. True, most dentures should be taken out at night for cleaning and to allow your gums to rest, but for the rest of the day, it’s expected that you will keep your dentures in.

But not all denture wearers will actually keep their dentures in most of the day. Instead, their dentures will spend most of their time inside a glass. Why do people buy dentures only to not use them?



Denture discomfort is one of the most common reasons why denture wearers don’t keep their dentures in. Poorly fitted, poorly designed, or badly worn dentures can all be uncomfortable to wear.

Your dentures might feel uncomfortable to your gums, or they might cause jaw pain or headaches if you wear them too much.


If your dentures are poorly fitted and don’t stay in place, it’s often better to just take them out. After all, if you have to worry about having them drop out and break any time you stop to have a conversation, sneeze, or eat something, it’s often better to just keep them safe most of the time. You don’t want to have to pay to replace your dentures unnecessarily.

They Don’t Work

Dentures are supposed to help you with chewing, talking, and other tasks that your teeth perform. But many dentures aren’t capable of filling those roles. As a result, many denture wearers will take their dentures out to eat or have a conversation.

They Look Unattractive

Some dentures are so unattractive that people who are concerned about their appearance may take them out, especially for pictures. You might think that having no dentures would look worse in pictures, but that’s not always the case. If you have no dentures, you can often make a close-mouthed smile that looks decent, but with poorly designed or badly worn dentures, you might have other problems, such as a lopsided face, or extremely bulky dentures that make your face look like you’re experiencing a severe allergic reaction.

Dentures You Will Wear

But you don’t have to live with the limitations of your current dentures. There is a better option. The Denture Fountain of Youth ® means dentures that are comfortable, functional, secure, and attractive. These are dentures you will be happy to wear all day.

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