There are a lot of products that want you to believe you can have a “facelift in a box.” One of the latest comes out of Korea, and it’s called the “Face Maker Lifting Tape.” From the Dodo Label (yeah, they probably don’t know what that means to us), the tape is supposed to be used around the jawline to help reshape the face.

The tape works basically as you’d expect: you pull your face upward and then apply the tape to hold it in place. Because it’s a lifting product that targets the jawline, we thought we’d look at how it compares to a nonsurgical facelift.

Different Goals

Although people describe this product as “facelift tape,” and that’s what people are searching for online, it’s not really intended to accomplish the same goals as either a traditional or nonsurgical facelift.

Instead of trying to rejuvenate the face, including eliminating wrinkles, the facelift tape is primarily focused on reshaping the face, helping to make it more slender and heart-shaped. There is some overlap with rejuvenation procedures, though. As part of the reshaping, though, the tape can reduce or eliminate jowling, which is a goal of the facelift procedures. The results are probably most similar to a threadlift.

Results Are Temporary

Obviously, the results from taping your face aren’t going to last as long as other procedures. You may be able to get a full day’s results out of an application of tape, although possibly not. With sweating and the motion of your face, it’s really hard to say whether the tape would stay in place all day, or if it’s only beneficial for short-term events.

With facelifts, you can expect the results to last 5-8 years or so. With nonsurgical facelifts, you can see results that last ten years or more, although in all cases, you will continue to age and see new age-related effects.

Application (and Reapplication) Can Be Difficult

With temporary results, you have to imagine that this tape would have to become part of your regular beauty routine. This could be very challenging, since all the video shows people getting the tape applied by someone else. If you were to try applying the tape yourself, you might have trouble.

On the other hand, a nonsurgical facelift requires no special care. Just maintain restorations as you would your natural teeth.

You’ll Have Tape on Your Face

There’s also the inescapable fact that if you use this product, you’ll have tape on your face. Although it is clear, it isn’t invisible, which means that you’d have to use makeup to conceal the tape, and hopefully that’d work.

And in addition, you’ll have the feeling of tape on your face. That includes feeling the adhesive, the sweaty stickiness under the tape, and then the issue of having to pull the tape off and how that can feel.

Nonsurgical Facelifts Are Effective, Durable, and Beautiful

If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate the appearance of the lower third of your face, consider a nonsurgical facelift. Worn, damaged, or missing teeth can change the proportions and shape of your face. The result is hanging jowls, turkey neck, and wrinkles all around the mouth.

But a nonsurgical facelift rebuilds the lower third of your face from the inside out, giving you a natural appearance that looks like you. Plus you’ll enjoy the appearance of your new, beautiful smile. And you’ll love having those results for a decade or more.

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