Faces come in many different shapes, including round, oval, square, and heart. Your teeth literally help construct the shape of your face by determining the vertical spacing of your jaws. They also help create a visual impression of your face shape by their shape and size.

Your smile makeover with porcelain veneers should be designed so that it complements and even improves the shape of your face to help you get an overall attractive appearance.

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Natural Smiles Don’t Correlate to Face Shape

It would be nice if nature were more generous with her gifts of beauty, but, unfortunately, she is very frugal. Having a smile that naturally matches your face shape is uncommon. Tooth proportions, facial proportions, and even gender characteristics are not universal in natural smiles, which means that many people have smiles that are disproportionate to their faces.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile but can’t quite put your finger on why, this may be the cause.

How Face Shape Changes with Age

Even worse, if you have an attractive smile that complements your face shape, the odds are pretty good it won’t stay that way. Over time, our smiles begin to wear down. Combined with weight gain and the effects of gravity, this will contribute to a change in your face shape. While a face that is unattractively tall and narrow might soften somewhat, it’s more likely that attractive face shapes, such as oval or heart-shaped faces, will become rounded, and even round faces will become more squat.

Getting a Smile that Complements Your Face

Depending on the character of your smile and your face, we can either work to create a smile makeover that will complement the shape of your face or one that will alter it to help you achieve or restore a more attractive facial appearance.

If you are looking for a smile that harmonizes with your face shape, we can help. For example, it’s common for people with a small face to feel that they have teeth that are too large. This could be the size, but it could also be the shape. Square teeth can seem larger. They also convey a masculine appearance, which can make women unhappy with their smile.

If you already have a square face or a squared off jaw, square teeth may contribute to an aggressive appearance. For many people, and especially women, this may be undesirable, and we can give you teeth that will soften your smile.

But if you have a rounded face, lengthening your teeth can make your face more slender. It will be physically longer, but visually it will appear even more slender when you smile. If your face has become rounded by age, a nonsurgical facelift can be used to help reverse these effects.

If, on the other hand, your face is already thin, long narrow teeth would make your face look even longer. To create a more proportional face, we can create broader teeth.

Using the teeth as the starting point, you will be amazed at the power you have to transform your appearance. Don’t live with a look you don’t like for another day. Please call (843) 706-2999 today to consult with a cosmetic dentist in the Hilton Head area offering Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.