Dental Implants

Your Top Dental Implant Questions, Answered

Dental implants have been around for over 50 years, though for many people they seem an amazing new technology. And, honestly, we consider them pretty amazing, too. They also seem very complicated to patients, who understandably have questions about how implants work. A few questions tend to come up over and over [...]

Easier to Fix Teeth Than Explain about Them

One of the benefits of the holidays is seeing people that you pretty much only see once a year. However, if you have visible damage to your teeth, people will notice. Between your introductory smile and simple conversation, the tooth damage can be seen easily. And instead of asking how life is going, it’s likely [...]

4 Things to Watch for in Dentistry (Plus One Bonus!)

While you may not think about your teeth unless they are causing you pain, the world of dentistry is evolving. Here’s some of the trends that may turn your frown upside down. 1. Invisalign Clear Braces Braces traditionally involved a mouth full of metal and some very painful procedures that were cost prohibitive. Nowadays, that [...]

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