If you have porcelain veneers, you want them to last a long time, and they can easily last 10 years or more. They are strong, but they can be damaged by many of the things that damage your natural teeth. But what about acidic foods, which can cause significant erosion of your tooth enamel? If you eat an acidic diet or drink acidic liquids, will your veneers be damaged. Generally not, but there are some concerns.

Veneers Are Resistant to Most Acids

Just as porcelain veneers are stain resistant, they’re also resistant to acids.

Porcelain veneers are not made of the same material as tooth enamel. This means that they have different chemical responses to acids than your natural tooth enamel. Most of the acids in foods cannot damage porcelain veneers the way they damage your tooth enamel. The only acid that’s a major threat to porcelain veneers is hydrofluoric acid, which is a very potent and destructive acid. It’s not found in any foods you commonly eat, and if you find yourself consuming it, your veneers will be the least of your worries!

Porcelain veneers are also resistant to stomach acid. They won’t be damaged by GERD or vomiting.

The only acid regularly found in food that’s a potential problem is phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid can attack porcelain veneers and other ceramic restorations, and it’s also found in coke. An occasional coke isn’t a concern, but if you have a daily coke habit, you should consider using a straw to protect your veneers (and your teeth!) from the acid. Coke isn’t the only beverage with phosphoric acid: check the labels of any prepackaged drink that you consume regularly!

Remember: Veneers Don’t Cover All Your Teeth

Proper care for veneers does mean being aware if your diet is too acidic. The biggest danger of an acidic diet, though, is that it can erode your teeth out from under your veneers. Porcelain veneers don’t cover your entire tooth. They mostly cover the visible surface, but they may go over the top and even part of the back in some cases. But they don’t cover all the tooth. If you are regularly exposing your teeth to acidic foods and beverages, then the tooth under the veneer can become eroded, which may then promote decay. You may have to have your veneers removed and replaced with dental crowns, which do cover the entire tooth.

Even then, though, you can’t consume too many acidic foods. Acid damages your gums, causing receding gums and exposing the tooth root, which is even more vulnerable to acidic damage.

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