Studies confirm that more than 90% of porcelain veneers last 10 years or more, if properly cared for. But what does that mean? How should you care for your porcelain veneers to ensure you get a full life out of them.

The truth is, it’s easy to care for porcelain veneers, just follow these tips.

Young woman brushing teeth in front of her bathroom mirror

Before You Get Porcelain Veneers

If you want to get the longest life out of your porcelain veneers, make sure your mouth is a good environment for them. Many people want porcelain veneers because their teeth are worn down or cracked, but worn or cracked teeth may be a sign that you sometimes clench your teeth or have a poor bite. These conditions will damage your porcelain veneers and significantly reduce their lifetime, so it’s good to talk to a neuromuscular dentist about your bite before getting veneers.

Another problem people like to correct with porcelain veneers is if a front tooth has turned dark in color because the pulp inside has died. Although veneers are great for this, they may not last as long when bonded to a nonvital tooth.

Basic Maintenance and Oral Hygiene

When it comes to maintaining your porcelain veneers, it’s actually not much different from caring for your natural teeth, it’s just that you want to be careful in taking care of your veneered teeth. Although the veneers themselves are immune to decay, if your tooth gets decay behind the veneer, it may be harder to restore. Make sure you’re not using a toothpaste with any abrasive ingredients in it, and floss your teeth before you brush to help toothpaste penetrate between the teeth.

Sometimes, it is recommended that you increase your hygiene visits to four times a year. Whether this is appropriate for you depends on the state of your teeth and your oral health history. However, when you do go to your hygiene visit, make sure to mention that you have veneers so your hygienist will know to use an appropriate cleaner and polish for your veneers.

Avoiding Damage

Your porcelain veneers are made of a highly durable material, but they are still subject to damage in the wrong circumstances. Make sure you’re not using your teeth to open bottles, crack nuts, or as pliers. When participating in sports, wear a dentist-made mouthguard for maximum protection.

And that’s all you have to do to take care of your porcelain veneers.

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