Traditional dentures come with many shortcomings, irritations, and inconveniences. The palate plate on the upper dentures is actually the source of many of these problems.

The palate plate on the upper denture can irritate your mouth. It may even trigger gagging. The palate on your dentures is also responsible for difficulty with taste, since it blocks the upper palate, which plays an important role in your sense of taste. Fortunately, with dental implants, you can get rid of that palate plate on your dentures once and for all.

What Is the Palate Plate for?

What is the point of this annoying plate on the dentures, anyway? The denture palate plate has two functions: stability and strength.

Dentures are held in place by suction. The overall strength of suction depends on the area over which it is reacting (as well as how tight the seal is). Upper dentures take advantage of the full surface area of the roof of the mouth thanks to the palate plate. Because implant dentures don’t rely on suction, they don’t need a large area like the palate plate. So if you have implant dentures, you don’t need to have a palate plate.

But what about the second issue: strength? Dental implants have the ability to both reduce and increase the forces on the denture. Because dental implants can direct force right into the bone, they can reduce stress on your denture. And your implants should keep your denture from rocking back and forth, making it less likely that they’ll break as a result of fulcruming. However, dental implants will also increase the bite force on the denture, which may make it more vulnerable to breaking. So, although your denture doesn’t need the palate plate for stability, it may need something to help strengthen it if we remove the palate plate.

Stronger Dentures

Dentures are typically made out of a relatively durable plastic, known as polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). This isn’t especially strong material.So if we want you to have dentures strong enough to stand up under bite forces if you get dental implants, we’ll probably want to reinforce your dentures, typically with metal.

Sometimes, the bite force in your mouth can be balanced in such a way that even the PMMA dentures can withstand the bite forces and other stresses. But if we were to cut away the denture plate on your old dentures, this would typically weaken them so much that they’re likely to break. So we’ll want to make new implant dentures if you’re looking to remove the plate of your old dentures.

More Comfortable, Functional, and Attractive Dentures

In the past, people had to accept the limitations of their dentures, but no longer. Modern dentures can be much more comfortable and functional than traditional dentures. And Dentures Don’t Have to Look Like Dentures Anymore ®, either, thanks to FOY ® Dentures, which can look and feel more like your natural teeth than other dentures.

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