If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry, you might be tempted to go with a lower-quality treatment or work with a dentist that doesn’t give you full confidence in order to save a little money. You might think that “good enough” will be good enough because it will be better than your current smile, which may be damaged or discolored, and may have crooked teeth or gaps. But in our experience, most people end up regretting this kind of decision, and here’s why.

Your Perspective Will Change

At first, you might be happy with your cosmetic dentistry because it looks better than your smile did before, but that appreciation will fade. After a year or so, you will forget what your previous smile looked like, and all you’ll really be aware of is how your smile looks now. If you look at that smile in the mirror and you’re not happy with it, it won’t matter that it’s better than it was before–what matters is that you’re still not happy with your smile.

The Money Will Be Spent or It Won’t

Whatever money you saved on your cosmetic dentistry will be spent one way or another. Or maybe it won’t. Maybe it will be sitting in your savings account as part of the undifferentiated lump of money you have there.

But either way, it won’t stand out to you. It won’t be constantly present to you, the way your smile is every time you look in the mirror or see someone’s reaction to your smile. That is a daily joy that reaffirms itself over and over again.


And then there’s the question about whether you actually will have saved yourself any money at all. If you went with a less durable treatment, such as choosing dental bonding over porcelain veneers, you may have to have the procedure done several times over in the lifespan that the longer-lasting treatment would have had.

But it’s not just your choice of procedure that matters. The way the dentist fits your cosmetic restorations can also make a big difference in how long your results last. For example, a dentist that uses neuromuscular dentistry to ensure your restorations are properly fitted can prevent damage to your restorations due to excessive bite force.


Speaking of excessive bite force, this isn’t just an issue for the restorations themselves–it can affect how your restorations feel. Poorly fitting restorations can just feel wrong. Your jaw will feel uncomfortable resting, you may be sore in the morning, and it will be especially uncomfortable after chewing.

Poorly fitted restorations can make your teeth sore, either the ones with the restorations or the opposing teeth. They can also make your teeth sensitive to heat, cold, or pressure, either because of their fit or because they’re made of metals or other materials that conduct heat.

Damage to Your Natural Teeth

The poor fit of your restorations can go beyond discomfort and can actually lead to chipping or cracking of the opposing teeth. If this occurs, you’ll definitely regret your choice because the money you saved on your restorations will be spent repairing the opposing teeth that didn’t have to be damaged.

But other times you might have chosen a restoration that damages your natural teeth by design. You might think this is never done, but dental bridges, for example, rely on your natural teeth for support, so natural tooth material is removed and sometimes the extra stress for the dental bridge can lead your supporting teeth to fail. Dental implants are an option that support themselves and don’t damage your natural teeth.


Some materials are more stain resistant than others. Porcelain veneers and all types of true ceramic are highly stain resistant. Plastic-based restorations are all vulnerable to staining from foods, beverages, and cigarette smoke, so that they may be cheaper to begin with, but they may need to be replaced because they no longer look as attractive as they once did.

Are You Looking for the Best Cosmetic Dentistry?

To ensure that you don’t regret your decision to get cosmetic dentistry, it’s important to work with the best cosmetic dentist you can find. Even if it costs more or takes more time, it’s worth it to commit to higher quality treatments and better fitting restorations.

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