One of the great things about the holidays is how we get to see so many old friends as well as get to meet so many new people. Unfortunately, this can come with an unfortunate side effect: people may note the conspicuous effects of the passage of time on you.

New acquaintances may make reference to your age, assuming you’re much older than you really are. Your old friends may not say anything, but you can read on their faces what they think about how you’re aging. If you feel like you’re aging a lot faster than others your age or that you look much older than you feel, you might be considering a facelift.

But you should consider a nonsurgical facelift instead. Here’s why.

Restore Your Beautiful Smile

A nonsurgical facelift gives us the great ability to accomplish two goals at once: restore your beautiful smile at the same time we rejuvenate your facial appearance. This is actually crucial to achieving a more youthful appearance. People use your smile to gauge your age, and if you have typical aging effects on your smile, it will make you look older, no matter what you do with your facial appearance.

In fact, not treating your teeth could have a rebound effect. If people see a rejuvenated facial appearance, but your teeth look old, they might assume you’re actually older than you are. Or they might attribute the difference to poor health. In either case, trying to rejuvenate your facial appearance without working on your smile will lead to you not getting the results you desire.

Enjoy Health Benefits

A surgical facelift doesn’t offer any health benefits. If you’re lucky, it won’t have any serious health consequences, either, but that’s not a guarantee.

On the other hand, a nonsurgical facelift does offer significant health benefits. Discolored teeth are often unhealthy, and can be reservoirs of disease that can pass through your blood to your heart and other parts of the body. Crooked teeth are harder to clean and are associated with a higher risk of gum disease, which can also lead to heart disease. People with missing teeth are more likely to die young than those with full sets of teeth–and there’s evidence that replacing teeth can reverse this effect.

In addition, if your bite has collapsed as a result of tooth wear, you could be experiencing painful TMJ symptoms such as jaw pain, neck pain, and headaches. Restoring your smile to its youthful proportions can remedy these symptoms.

You Will Look Like You

If your facial proportions have changed as a result of tooth wear or tooth loss, then a surgical facelift could distort your appearance. A plastic surgeon will try to make you look younger by stretching your skin over the existing structure, but if this existing structure isn’t your natural proportions, the result can be a distorted appearance. You won’t look like a younger version of yourself, you’ll look like someone else (though possibly a younger version of that other person).

But a nonsurgical facelift works by restoring your face’s natural proportions. This will rejuvenate your appearance by making you look younger, not making you look like someone else.

Is a Nonsurgical Facelift Right for You?

Identifying the best candidates for a nonsurgical facelift is critical to ensuring you get the best results from your procedure. We invite you to schedule a consultation with an expert cosmetic dentist in Hilton Head at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry. Please call (843) 706-2999 today to learn whether this procedure is right for you.