Dental restorations can last a long time. Studies show that most can be expected to last ten years or more, depending on their composition and position. Unfortunately, this is usually long enough for people to grow unhappy with their appearance. Here are some common reasons why people feel unhappy with restorations as they age.

The Restorations Look Less Attractive Than at First

One problem that causes people to be unhappy with the appearance of their restorations is that the restorations themselves look less attractive after time. Metal amalgam fillings are the worst. They may be passable as silver fillings, but they often turn black quickly, which makes them look as unattractive as cavities in your teeth. It can also completely discolor the tooth where they’re found.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns have a metal border which can be exposed if you experience receding gums. This is especially problematic if they’re located in the front of the mouth.

Other restorations, especially those made of different forms of plastic, can become stained over time, sometimes even faster than your natural teeth, causing them to stand out.

Your Aesthetic Sense Has Changed

Another reason why people become unhappy with the appearance of their restorations is that they have changed their sense of what attractive restorations look like.

When your restorations were initially placed, you may have been excited about how much better they look than what they replaced, such as crooked, chipped, or decayed teeth. However, over time you may have come to see that the restorations were not as well done as they might have been. Their proportions may be off. They might look plastic or fake. They may not have the personality you desire.

A New Forward-Facing Job

It’s common for people to get cheap, unattractive restorations when they’re laboring in poverty and relative obscurity. But if you suddenly find yourself in a more important and more public position, those poor restorations become a liability. Whether you’re meeting with potential clients in a boardroom, greeting donors at a gala, or even making appearance on TV, a healthy and attractive smile is an important asset that cannot be overestimated.

Don’t Keep Living with Unattractive Restorations

But you don’t have to just accept that your dental restorations are unattractive. Instead, you can rejuvenate the appearance of your smile with new restorations that achieve all your cosmetic goals so that you can be happy and confident about your smile, no matter your situation.

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