Have you just learned that you’re probably going to lose your teeth? We understand that this can be a scary time. You might feel powerless and depressed. But don’t let these feelings overwhelm you. You still have an important choice to make.

Although you are losing your teeth, you still have a future, and you can decide what kind of future it’s going to be. When you decide which tooth replacement option you’re going to get, you are also deciding what kind of future you’re going to have.

Elderly woman showing off her smile

Your Future with Traditional Dentures

When you choose traditional dentures, you are choosing a future that is very limited. You are choosing a future in which you will get some function of your teeth back, but not all. Probably not even most.

Many people can adapt to speaking with dentures. It just takes practice, especially making sure the dentures are properly seated before speaking. Even so, dentures are likely to cause minor speech problems and they can fall out at unfortunate times.

Eating with dentures is a challenge. At a minimum, it requires people to learn a new method of chewing and requires that people cut their food into smaller pieces. Eating the same foods becomes much more time consuming. It also becomes less enjoyable because you can lose much of your sense of taste, and many people opt to give up old foods and stick to softer foods.

Traditional dentures require numerous adjustments to maintain a reasonable fit. This is required at least once a year and often as much as every few months.

Your future will also be one of accelerated aging. Traditional dentures don’t do anything to stop the resorption of your jawbones after your teeth have been lost. In some cases, they can even accelerate the loss of bone.

Your Future with Dental Implants

With dental implants, your future can be as good as or better than it was with teeth. Dental implants work like natural teeth, so you can keep eating all the foods you love now. You don’t have to learn a special chewing technique, and you won’t have to cut food up into tiny pieces to eat. You will be able to chew foods normally–and as quickly as before. And you’ll have a normal sense of taste.

You’ll speak clearly, and you don’t have to worry that your dentures will come out when you speak or laugh loudly.

Dental implants don’t need frequent adjustment. You can go years between needing to have your implant dentures adjusted.

And over those years you’ll age normally–dental implants help preserve your jawbone. That way your face will maintain its proper proportions.

Your Future with FOY ® Dentures

FOY ® Dentures are best when combined with dental implants. That way, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of dental implants, and then you’ll see even more benefits.

FOY ® Dentures are made with the most attractive materials available. You’ll probably find that you have the most attractive smile of your life when you have FOY ® Dentures.

But FOY ® Dentures don’t just rejuvenate your smile: they can rejuvenate your face, too. By restoring a youthful profile, FOY ® Dentures can dramatically turn back the clock on your facial appearance. You can see a reduction in jowls, turkey neck, sunken lips, and other facial aging associated with dentures.

As a result, you can look years, even decades younger.

The Future Is Yours to Choose

The past is already written. You may not be able to save your teeth at this point. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save your future. If you choose the right tooth replacement option, you can enjoy a much happier and brighter world for years to come.

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