Youthful skin has an amazing ability to bounce back. Just think of all the times your great aunt grabbed your cheek as a child and shook it. You thought your cheek skin would come right off, but instead it bounced back. Good as new, except for maybe a little redness.

Unfortunately, our skin loses this property as we get older. This leads to skin sagging and the development of wrinkles. Facelifts try to counter these signs of aging, but when your skin loses elasticity, a facelift might not work as well. Instead, a nonsurgical facelift might lead to more natural-looking facial rejuvenation.

How a Facelift Tries to Deal with Inelastic Skin

One of the effects of skin losing elasticity is it that it can develop wrinkles and may begin to sag. A facelift tries to approach this by acting as if there were suddenly an excess of skin that needs to be removed. When the excess skin is removed, the remainder is stretched over the bones, muscles, and other tissues to try to mimic a youthful appearance.

However, there are some problems with this. First of all, there’s not so much excess skin as is commonly assumed. Much of the problem is that there’s less bone and teeth to support the facial structure. Stretching the skin when this is the case can lead to distortion of facial appearance.

Another problem is that when skin loses elasticity, it also loses the ability to deal with stretching. This means that there is a higher risk that your skin will develop banding or scarring. The stretched skin may pull more on sutures and increase risk of scarring.

And when inelastic skin is stretched taut, it may be more susceptible to further stretching and wrinkling. This may reduce the length of results you get from your surgical facelift. And considering the significant investment for a facelift in money, time, and difficulty, you want results to last as long as possible.

If Your Skin Isn’t Elastic, Don’t Stretch It

When your skin has lost elasticity, stretching it is the last thing you want to do. This can cause some of the complications noted above and can cause more damage to the skin itself. Instead, you might try solutions that don’t rely on stretching or distorting your skin.

A nonsurgical facelift works by restoring your face to its youthful proportions. By filling out the facial proportions as they were in your youth, your skin becomes less saggy and wrinkled without stretching. This can eliminate many common signs of facial aging.

When there’s no stretching, there’s no risk risk for stretching-related complications like banding, scarring, or stretch marks. And because your facial portions are being restored–not distorted–you’ll look more like yourself and not like some version of yourself put through a bad Instagram filter. Plus, your beautiful new smile will help you look younger, too.

Good Rejuvenation Results without Distortion or Scarring

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