At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we see all types of patients with every dental problem you can imagine. We’re delighted to always find a way to help our patients achieve their goals and leave our office feeling confident in their smile. Most people aren’t even aware of the different cosmetic problems we can fix with a smile makeover so they don’t ask about our options. If you’re not sure if cosmetic dentistry can help you, read through some of these most common dental problems we’re able to solve with a smile makeover.

Gummy Smile

When you smile and your gums show more than your teeth, this is known as a gummy smile. Oftentimes, teeth are too short or the gums need contouring to expose more of the teeth. If you suffer from this problem, our cosmetic dentists in Hilton Head can help you restore balance to your teeth and gums so your smile looks amazing.

Woman with black curly hair shows off her amazing smile

Missing Teeth

The older you get, the higher percentage of people who have at least one missing tooth increases. The number begins to exponentially grow after age 40. Although good oral hygiene habits can help you prevent tooth loss, sometimes it’s inevitable. In the event that you lose your tooth, you might not feel the need to replace it immediately. However, this can affect the surrounding teeth and cause a number of other problems. If you’re missing teeth or need to have teeth extracted, don’t worry. We offer lots of different tooth replacement options to help complete your smile again. Choose from dental implants, FOY® Dentures, and more.

Gapped, Crooked, Misaligned, or Crowded Teeth

If you never had braces or you stopped wearing your retainer and your teeth shifted out of place, we offer lots of solutions to help your teeth look straight and aligned again. If you would rather correct the issues, we highly recommend Invisalign aligners as part of your smile makeover. Invisalign is discreet, convenient, and can correct most smiles in as little as six months. On the flip side, if you want instant results and your issues are only aesthetic, we might be able to help your teeth look straighter with porcelain veneers. This solution will prevent you from needing a lengthy orthodontic treatment.

Worn Teeth

When teeth get worn down from clenching and grinding, acidic foods and drinks, or simply from brushing too hard, your teeth can look too short. The lack of structure can also affect your appearance. With our help, we can rebuild your tooth structure using a combination of porcelain veneers and dental crowns. This won’t just enhance your smile, but will also improve your facial features.

Poorly Shaped Teeth

When teeth are too short, too long, too big, or too small it can change the entire appearance of your smile. Sometimes, just a few porcelain veneers can dramatically change your smile. During your consultation, we can discuss the different options for reshaping your teeth to look symmetrical and sized to complement your appearance.

Chipped Teeth

If you take a bad fall or play a sport without a mouth guard, dental chips can happen. When they do, you might feel embarrassed about your smile. Fortunately, fixing a chip is easy with a smile makeover. We can use bonding material, porcelain veneers or a dental crown if the damage is significant. These options will provide you with results that last for years to come.

Metal Fillings or Restorations

In the past, amalgam fillings and restorations were the norms. However today, patients much prefer white fillings or tooth-colored dental crowns. Tooth-colored material looks completely natural and doesn’t have some of the downsides that come with metals. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your metal fillings or restorations, we can replace them with a natural-colored option instead.

Stained or Discolored Teeth

Almost every smile can benefit from a little whitening boost. If you suffer from severe staining, we might recommend porcelain veneers since they are stain-resistant and cover the entire front of your teeth. They’re also an ideal option for someone who wants to fix other problems at the same time.

On the flip side, professional teeth whitening is ideal for patients who just finished an Invisalign treatment or want to give their smile a boost. Professional whitening offers results incomparable to those you would find in an over the counter product. Prepare to see a glowing white smile you could never imagine having.

Wrinkles and Premature Aging

Suffering from wrinkles and premature aging because your teeth are worn down or missing is pretty normal. With our help, however, we can rebuild your smile and your facial structure with our different smile makeover options. If you’re missing teeth, FOY®  Dentures can help you replace your missing teeth and smooth out some of the wrinkles on your face and prevent loose skin.

On the flip side, if your teeth are worn down, we can rebuild your tooth structure using dental crowns or porcelain veneers as a non-surgical facelift to enhance both your smile and your appearance. Both of these options can help you look years younger and achieve a dazzling new smile.

You never know what your smile can look like until you sit down for a smile makeover consultation with Dr. Strickland or Dr. Reeves. During your consultation, they will examine your smile and provide you with a treatment plan to help achieve your goals. Once you decide which treatments you want, they can start planning your next appointments. Schedule a consultation today at (843) 706-2999 to find out how we can transform your smile and help you feel confident again.