If you’ve noticed that the skin in your face seems to be sagging, you might be tempted to try one of the newer developments in beauty technology: facial microcurrent stimulators. You might think that the facial sagging is due to muscles that have grown lax and slack. There is something to this, but the truth is that little of the support for your facial tissues relies on muscles. Most of it is due to skin, and the bony structure underneath. If you don’t address these causes of facial aging, you are unlikely to see quality results. Fortunately, we offer a nonsurgical facelift that targets the necessary fundamental causes of facial sagging.


They Can Work, but Not Miracles

Muscles do provide a little bit of the support for your facial tissues, but not very much. The place you’re likely to see the most improvement is probably in the neck area, where there are more muscles providing support.

But the results are minimal and likely to be temporary.

Lost Facial Volume

The primary support structure in your face is your bones. Your bones underlie your muscles and your muscles rely on them for places to attach. Your bones in the lower third of your face define the proper shape of the face, and they in turn depend on your teeth to support them and also ensure proper spacing.

Unfortunately, your teeth can become worn down as you get older. Your teeth may even be lost. When this occurs, the proper proportions of the lower third of the face are lost. Not only that, but as the teeth are lost, the bones themselves can begin to be absorbed by the body, resulting in diminished facial volume.

What happens when you have less in the way of teeth and bone to support your skin, which ends up sagging the way an overlarge t-shirt might look when you put it on.

Reverse the Effects of Aging

Stimulating the muscles and skin just won’t do the trick when the real problem is down deeper, in your teeth and bones. If you are looking to truly rejuvenate your face in the Hilton Head area, you have to work from the most essential support: your teeth and bones. This can be done even if you have lost all your teeth using FOY Dentures®.

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