Most of the patients we see in our cosmetic dentistry practice are women. And most of the men that we see have been dragged or pushed by the women in their lives. That’s not because there aren’t millions of men out there who are unhappy with their smiles. The truth is that there are many men out there who want cosmetic dentistry, but they’re afraid to come forward and request it. They have been told that any cosmetic procedure is just not appropriate for a man.

But in the 21st century, it’s time for men to get past these limitations. Here are some of the reasons why men should be requesting cosmetic dentistry.

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It’s Not Just Cosmetic

Cosmetic dentistry is something of a misnomer, because the procedures are also about the health of your teeth. When it comes to your smile, healthy teeth are beautiful teeth and vice versa. When we’re repairing damage to your teeth, straightening teeth, and whitening them, we are restoring strength and integrity to the teeth, making them easier to clean, and making it easier to spot potential decay. All of these effects of your smile makeover can help with your oral health and can even impact your overall health.

And have you noticed that your strength, balance, and endurance have declined? Your damaged teeth could be contributing to it. Having your jaw in a healthy position helps ensure your core balance and strength, but as your teeth become damaged and worn, your jaw can move out of position. Neuromuscular dentistry teaches us how to restore your jaw to its proper position, which can significantly improve some of these aspects of your physical performance.

It Can Save You Money

We know this seems counterintuitive, but at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we are a proactive dental practice. We don’t just respond to teeth problems, we anticipate them and strive to prevent them. Work we do today can prevent future damage that may be very expensive to fix.

It Can Help Your Earnings

Did you know that having a more attractive smile can improve your ability to provide for yourself and your family. Overall, men who have a more attractive smile can earn 4% more than their counterparts with less attractive smiles. That’s about $2400 a year for the median household income.

And in some professions, the benefit may be much greater, especially if you’re fighting for your position against younger aspiring candidates. A smile makeover can be a nonsurgical facelift, helping you to look–and feel–significantly younger.

It Can Help Your Love Life

An unattractive and unhealthy smile can have a dramatic impact on your love life. The potential effects are numerous, from the contribution that gum disease makes to erectile dysfunction to the repellent effects of bad breath to the fact that an attractive smile is the number one thing that women are looking for in a date. If you are a divorcee who is going to start dating again, an attractive smile is a great asset.

Even if you’re a devoted husband, the benefits of improving your smile can be well worth it, since your wife will be a lot more likely to want to kiss you if you can banish bad breath. And wouldn’t it be nice to have her respond to your smile the way she used to?

You Don’t Have to Be Bound by Convention

What’s keeping you from getting your smile makeover? Is it fear that other people will judge you? You don’t want them to think less of you? You are afraid that people will consider you effeminate?

In the end, there’s nothing more masculine than a man who sees what he wants and acts to get it. Don’t let anyone–even you–tell you that a smile makeover isn’t appropriate for a man. Act today to get the healthier, more beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming of.

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