In neuromuscular dentistry, we have long used TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) for treating TMJ. This muscle-relaxing electronic massage helps us relieve tension in the jaw and determine your optimal jaw position. Now we use it to make our FOY Dentures® fit better.

TENS Helps Dentures Fit

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Traditional dentures often give poor fit because they neglect two important factors: your muscle borders and your ideal tooth dimensions. TENS helps us to take these into account to give you dentures that fit, function, and look better.

Muscles Affect How Your Dentures Fit

Your mouth is full of muscles, and many of them impact the way your dentures fit. In fact, three different groups of muscles have to be taken into account when fitting your dentures: muscles that close your jaw, muscles that open your jaw, and muscles that control facial expressions.


Stimulation of these muscles with TENS gives us a better idea of where their borders are and how they move so that we can make sure your dentures fit properly with them.

This technique works so well it can even be used to make your current dentures fit better. If you have doubts that FOY Dentures® can make that much of a difference in your dentures, we invite you to try this stage. You will see how much of a difference it can make.

Restoring Youthful Proportions

The other key to giving you great results with FOY Dentures® is making sure that your dentures restore your ideal facial proportion by putting your teeth back to their youthful size and fit. This is what we call the vertical dimension occlusion (VDO). By putting your teeth back into this proportion, we can restore your face and reduce sagging of your facial tissues.


But how do we discover the proper youthful proportions? The answer is written in your muscles–all we have to do is read it.


Like most of your facial tissues, your muscles developed when your teeth were at their youthful peak. By finding their position of natural rest, which we can do after using TENS, we know the proper size of your dentures.


If you want to see for yourself how much of a difference TENS can make for fitting your dentures, please call (843) 706-2999 to schedule an appointment at our Hilton Head area office in Bluffton, SC.