A new year is just around the corner and if you’re like most people, you’re ready to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to new beginnings. 2021 is expected to be a much better year filled with health and a return to normalcy. To celebrate new beginnings, why not start by fulfilling some of your New Year’s Resolutions. If you’ve felt unhappy about your smile for a time now, don’t let yourself keep feeling this way. Cosmetic dentistry from Beyond Exceptional Dentistry might be just what you need to feel your best self in 2021.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For You?

But do you really need cosmetic dentistry? When you look in the mirror do you love seeing your reflection smile back at you? When you take photos, do you smile with your mouth closed? If you want to speak up at work or talk to a stranger, do you find yourself refraining because you’re embarrassed by your smile? If your smile is preventing you from living your best life, we will recommend a smile makeover which is a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments.

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The Smile Makeover Procedure

So what exactly does a smile makeover in Hilton Head look like? First, you will schedule a consultation with Dr. Ryan Reeves or Dr. Rod Strickland. During your consultation, you will discuss your likes and dislikes about your smile. Our dentists will also examine your teeth to understand what type of procedures would help you achieve your goals. If there are any signs of tooth decay or gum disease, we will address these before moving onto the cosmetic procedures.

After your exam, our dentists will give you an outline of which procedures they recommend. From there, you can choose which procedures you want and discuss payment options. After your consultation, we will schedule your procedure appointments. All it takes is scheduling a consultation to start your smile transformation.

What Types of Procedures are Included in a Smile Makeover?

There’s no set of cosmetic dentistry procedures included in a smile makeover. Smile makeovers are completely customized for each patient. For instance, if you have missing teeth, your smile makeover might include dental implants while someone who doesn’t have missing teeth wouldn’t have dental implants included. We can combine any number of treatments to work towards your smile goal. Some of the treatments might include:

To find out what types of treatments your smile makeover will include, please contact our Hilton Head cosmetic dentists at (843) 706-2999 to book an appointment.

A New Smile Will Help Improve Your Confidence

After you receive your smile makeover, you will experience a lot of new benefits! These benefits will help make 2021 the best year yet. One way an improved smile will change your life is by improving your confidence. You will no longer feel like hiding in the corner during meetings or social events. Instead, your new smile will give you the confidence to speak up when you want to and smile with a wide grin in every photo or every opportunity that brings you joy. Think of all the ways more self-confidence can change your life. You might meet the love of your life, get promoted, or land your dream job. The possibilities are endless.

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Smiling Makes You and Others Happier

Once you love your smile, we guarantee you will do a lot more smiling. One thing most people don’t know about smiling is just how powerful it is on mental health. Even if you’re in the worst mood possible and you force yourself to put on a big grin, it will trick your brain into thinking you’re happier than you are by releasing dopamine and serotonin which are the feel-good hormones.

Smiling isn’t just great for your own mental health but also for those around you. You know how sneezes are contagious? So are smiles. When someone sees that giant grin on your face, their brain automatically wants to mimic it and cause them to smile back. With 2021 hopefully being the end of mask-wearing, there’s going to be a lot of smiles going around. Wouldn’t you like to contribute to a smile outbreak with your new and improved smile?

Your Oral Health Will Improve

The last way a smile makeover will change your life for the better in 2021 is by improving your oral health. Before we give you any cosmetic procedures, we make sure your oral health is up to standard. This means if you require a cleaning, tooth filling, root canal, or any other restorative procedure, we will take care of this first. Then, after we complete your smile makeover, your smile won’t just look amazing, it will be as healthy as possible. Since you will love your new smile so much, you’ll feel more motivated to keep it clean and healthy to maintain its gorgeous appearance.

Get Cosmetic Dentistry in Hilton Head, SC Today

Are you ready to make 2021 the year of the smile? Schedule a consultation, get treatment, and love your smile! Contact our cosmetic dentists at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry today to book your consultation and to start your smile transformation. Please call (843) 706-2999 to schedule an appointment today.