In cosmetic dentistry, we all have roles to play. As your cosmetic dentist, we will work hard to control all the things that are part of our job, but you have to do your part as well. That includes making sure that you have a good attitude toward the dentistry you are getting so that you will be able to help it along and appreciate the results.

Here are some attitudes we sometimes encounter that can interfere with your full mouth rejuvenation or other procedure. If you have these attitudes, you will need to check them outside before coming in for treatment.

Unrealistic Expectations

Cosmetic dentistry is very powerful, and can make tremendous changes to your appearance and your health. But it does have limits. Some of these limits are that procedures do take some time to accomplish and can be expensive. You have to be prepared for that. But there are also some things that cosmetic dentistry just can’t guarantee. For example, although cosmetic dentistry can give you better odds for a good job and meeting someone special, it can’t guarantee that you will be hired or fall in love (cut us some slack: even a genie can’t make people fall in love!)


On the other end of the spectrum are people who assume from the very beginning that your cosmetic dentistry won’t look good, won’t fit right, and won’t feel comfortable. You’re so convinced of this that you’re going to make it that way, no matter what we do.

It’s important to have realistic expectations, but it’s also important to have a positive attitude. If you are so convinced that things aren’t going to work out right, why bother?

Control Freakiness

There are all kinds of freaky you can bring into our office (live like you wanna live), but the one thing you can’t bring is your control freak attitude. We are the experts, and you have to trust us to do our job right. After all, if you can’t trust us, why did you choose us? If you don’t have the respect and trust that we know what we’re doing, we really can’t work together, and we recommend that you keep trying to find the right cosmetic dentist that you can actually trust.

During your cosmetic dentistry process, we will get your input on many things: the shape, color, and size of your teeth. We will often offer you several different treatment plans you can choose from. But there are some things that you will have to acknowledge that we are the experts.


The complete opposite of the control freak is someone who is almost completely disinterested in their treatment. Remember: you have a role to play in this. At the very least, you have to tell us what bothers you about your current smile and what results you’re looking for from your procedure.

And you’ll have to take care of your teeth. Even if you haven’t taken care of them before your smile makeover, you will have to put in extra effort during and after your procedure to make sure that the restorations and your teeth remain healthy.

If you can avoid falling into one of these four categories, then we will be happy and delighted to have you as our patient. Please call (843) 706-2999 for an appointment with a Hilton Head cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.