If you’ve been trying nonsurgical facelifts using injectables and lasers, there is an alternative that may be able to help. Using dental work to build up the structure of your face can help you look dramatically younger, and it addresses some of the main complaints people have about injectables, lasers, and other forms of nonsurgical facelifts.

It Just Doesn’t Last

One of the biggest complaints about these types of nonsurgical facelifts is that the results are very temporary. When someone advertises a “five-minute facelift,” you have to ask whether that’s how long the procedure lasts–or the results. Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but for most of these nonsurgical facelifts the results really are measured in months, if not weeks.

Repeated treatments are necessary to maintain your results, and although the cost of the treatment initially seems low, when you add up all the repeated visits, it costs a lot in money and time.

But when we use dental work or the Denture Fountain of Youth ® to rebuild the foundation of your facial structure to more youthful proportions, the results can last years, typically a decade or more before a touch-up might be necessary.

I Can’t Tell the Difference

Another problem with many of these nonsurgical facelifts is that the differences you see are minor. Many of the laser and radio wave treatments, for example, are great on fine lines and wrinkles, but the amount of lifting they provide is really very minor.

Altering your facial proportions to reflect your natural, youthful appearance will make a noticeable difference in your appearance. In addition to the changes in your facial structure, the changes in the appearance of your teeth will make you look younger.

I Don’t Look Like Me

While it’s possible to get subtle results (some so subtle, you can’t tell the difference), people trying to make a noticeable impact on your aging can go too far the other direction. You can end up with puffy lips or cheeks or swollen areas under your eyes. And with injection of face-paralyzing botulinum toxin, you might look young at first, but your ability to express yourself is gone. You’d be surprised how much of your personality is contained in these subtle facial tics of subtle expressions that botulinum toxin can erase. Some people have even described it as being a claustrophobic feeling, as if you’re trapped inside your face.

But with dental work, we’re just replacing what your body has lost, restoring your natural proportions. You won’t look like somebody else. You won’t feel like somebody else. You will look and feel like yourself, only younger.

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