If you’re unhappy with gold or metal amalgam fillings, maybe it’s time to replace them with more attractive tooth-colored fillings. But if you’re going to make the replacement, it’s usually better to opt for ceramic fillings rather than composite fillings. It’s just a better option, and here’s why you’ll be happier with your choice.

Ceramic Better for Replacing Amalgam

They Look Better

Part of the reason why you’re looking to replace your fillings is that they’re unattractive, right? If that’s the case, don’t you want the most attractive restorations to replace them?

Composite fillings can look attractive, especially when they’re polished. But, ultimately, they are mostly plastic, and they have the luster of plastic once they lose their polish. And because the plastic is vulnerable to many types of wear and erosion, that can happen fairly quickly. And composite fillings can also become stained from dark-colored foods and beverages.

But composite fillings have the luster of tooth enamel, so they look completely natural. Plus they are hard and glazed, so they resist wear, retain their polish, and resist staining. That means they’ll keep looking

More Durable Fillings

Wear on fillings is about more than just polish. It’s ultimately a measure of how long the filling will be able to serve in the place where your teeth come together and chew.

The soft plastic composite can get worn away. Although the small ceramic inclusions help, they don’t stop the process.

You may have composite fillings elsewhere in your mouth, and they function fine and have been durable. But if you’re replacinging fillings in the molars, the situation is different. There the bite forces are more intense and more frequent, speeding up the wear. Plus, the new fillings are probably going to be larger if they’re replacing metal amalgam because amalgam fillings are often quite large.

But the hard ceramic fillings are as strong as your tooth enamel. They won’t get worn down by your teeth so they’ll stay in place longer.

The Strength Your Teeth Need

We mentioned that the bite forces in your molars are much higher than those in the front of your teeth. That means they’re more likely to be able to break your teeth. Avoiding these tooth fractures is another good reason to replace gold or metal amalgam fillings, so you want a replacement filling that holds your tooth together.

Ceramic fillings do this. With their own strength and the bond to your teeth, these fillings restore some of the lost strength. They’ll never be as strong as before decay, but with ceramic fillings, you’ll be close.

Protect Teeth from Sensitivity

Another reason to replace metal fillings is that they can cause temperature sensitivity. Any replacement filling will provide better insulation against temperature changes. However, with composite fillings, some people report pressure sensitivity because these fillings aren’t as hard as other types. This is more common on molars.

But ceramic fillings can take the pressure. You won’t experience pressure sensitivity as a result.

Get the Best Replacements

If you’re looking to replace your old metal fillings with new tooth-colored fillings, there’s no reason for half measures. Instead, you should get the best fillings that will make your smile look its best. And since these fillings are also the strongest, most durable, and most comfortable, there’s really no question that ceramic fillings are the best choice for most people looking to replace metal fillings.

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