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5 Things You Should AVOID with Sensitive Teeth (And What May Help)

When you have sensitive teeth, your day-to-day life becomes complicated. Every bite becomes a conscious thought process. Chewing can be an incredibly painful and frustrating experience. Sometimes, the pain can even affect your mood and your loved ones. It has hit a breaking point and you find yourself wondering…. What Can I Do to Help [...]

Will Removing Amalgam Fillings Help with Sores in Mouth?

Everyone gets a little sore in the mouth from time to time. Maybe you accidentally bit your cheek or tongue. Maybe you ate a food that was hard and sharp, like corn chips, and it just happened to poke you. These sores are painful, and they take longer to heal than we wish, but they [...]

Top 5 Excuses People Use to Tell You to Keep Metal Fillings

If you are considering getting rid of your metal fillings, you’re probably surprised by the number of people telling you that you should just keep them in. You never realized that so many people had such strong feelings about your fillings and knew so much (or, at least, claimed to know so much) about them. [...]

Enjoy a Scrap Iron, but Not in Your Smile

Summer is almost here in Hilton Head, and that means lots of opportunities to get out and enjoy all the wonders we have to offer here on the islands. One of the local summer favorites is enjoying a “scrap iron” cocktail on Daufuskie Island. The scrap iron is a great piece of local history, but [...]

Challenges to Keeping Your Smile Beautiful as You Get Older

When we’re younger, our teeth are beautiful. They are white, luminous, and long. And it can be relatively easy to keep them that way. Many young people don’t brush or floss as often as they should, but their smiles don’t seem to suffer much. However, that changes as we get older. Often because of our [...]

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