Nobody likes it when they look older than they feel. And, with all of us living longer and feeling healthier than ever, it’s an unfortunate reality most of us will have to face. So it’s no wonder that new rejuvenating procedures are constantly appearing on TV.

But before you go out and try one of these new procedures, it’s important to understand three key facts.

Nobody Really Knows If They Work

Most of these new procedures haven’t undergone a full clinical trial period. That means that there hasn’t been a thorough evaluation of the effectiveness of these procedures. As a result, when you get one of these procedures, you are often taking the word of the doctor and/or manufacturer that these new procedures or techniques actually do what they say.

Many people find that the claims were overstated or applied to only very special cases. The people signing up to try this new procedure are the real test population, and they’re the ones who will show whether it actually works or not.

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Nobody Really Knows If They’re Safe

The other goal of a clinical trial is to determine if the procedure is safe. Without clinical trials, we don’t know what kinds of adverse events people might develop from the procedure. As one doctor noted, “Governmental regulation often lags behind new cosmetic procedures and often takes a long time to institute. This should not be taken as an indication of no risk.”

Typically, side effects and adverse events tend to be relatively minor, especially for noninvasive procedures. But sometimes there are serious adverse events, and until we have had several years of clinical experience with a procedure, we just don’t know what they will be.

The Procedures Aren’t Really New

This is one of the biggest secrets that you need to understand about these “new” procedures: most of them are repackaged versions of older ideas that failed because they didn’t work or caused serious adverse events. Consider, for example, the new “Silhouette Lift.” This procedure is substantially similar to the Lifestyle Lift, which went bankrupt for exactly those reasons: it didn’t work and it caused complications.

These products get on the market because they’re similar to previously marketed devices. It’s argued that there’s no need to do a thorough testing because they’re so similar, but the product still gets marketed as if it’s new.

A Tried-and-True Nonsurgical Facelift

Why take your risk on a constantly revolving cast of “new” procedures? Instead, you can take advantage of a procedure with an outstanding track record of success. Our cosmetic dentists have been practicing for 35 years, and they’ve seen the rejuvenating power of cosmetic dentistry.

Our modern nonsurgical facelift represents an optimization of this procedure, but it’s not something completely new. It doesn’t have to be. We can keep following the same essential principles because the procedure works.

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