Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option available: they can look very attractive and help you maintain your active lifestyle. And most people are candidates for them, but there are some health conditions that are causes for concern. For example, rheumatoid arthritis, a less common form of arthritis, can interfere with dental implants.

Can You Keep Your Teeth Clean?

One of the biggest concerns for rheumatoid arthritis patients when it comes to dental implants is that it can interfere with your ability to brush your teeth properly. It can be hard to hold the toothbrush and perform the fine motions to get all your teeth clean. And flossing can be even harder.

This is especially crucial when it comes to dental implants. Dental implants are even more vulnerable than teeth to gum disease, which means that if you are unable to brush and floss, you are much more likely to develop an infection around your implant.

What Medications Are You Taking?

Because rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder, most treatments involve a suppression of the immune system. In addition to problems cleaning your teeth, this can also increase your risk of infection around the implants.

And some rheumatoid arthritis medications, like methotrexate, can also interfere with bone healing. This can make it hard for your body to incorporate dental implants. Long-term use may also reduce bone density in your jaw, making it unsuitable to support a dental implant.

A Thorough Evaluation

When you’re considering dental implants, we will ask you about relevant health conditions and evaluate your overall health in considering whether implants are right for you. We will check the bone density in your jaw and the state of your gums to ensure you are a good candidate. We will also talk to you about your medications and have you talk to your doctor about them. It may be recommended that you stop taking medications during the weeks surrounding your surgery.

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