Researchers presented teeth whitening research at the International Association for Dental Research (IADR), showing that teeth whitening products all produce good results according to expectations.

Zoom vs. Opalescence

In one study, researchers compared Zoom WhiteSpeed whitening compound and Opalescence Boost whitening compounds. Results were measured immediately after whitening and at seven days after whitening. They found that both whiteners produced good results compared to baseline. When comparing them directly, they found that WhiteSpeed was significantly better than Opalescence.

However, it should be noted that this study was sponsored by the manufacturer of WhiteSpeed, so results should be interpreted accordingly.

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In-Office vs. Take-Home Whitening

Other researchers at the conference looked at the whitening efficiency of in-office vs. take-home whitening agents. They artificially stained teeth with a coffee-tea-fruit juice mixture, then analyzed how long it took for each whitening compound to whiten them.

They found that in-office whitening compounds could whiten teeth in an average of 24 minutes, while it took 36 hours for take-home whitening compounds to achieve the same results. This is no surprise, and reflects the desired treatment usage of each compound. In-office whitening is used to achieve results quickly, while take-home compounds are used to produce a more gradual effect.

Does Blue Covarine Really Work?

In another teeth whitening study, people looked at the effectiveness of a toothpaste containing blue covarine in whitening extracted teeth. They found that the toothpaste containing blue covarine did in fact reduce the yellowness of the teeth. It’s worth noting that this research was conducted at Unilever, which holds an exclusive patent on blue covarine toothpaste. So, again, interpret results accordingly.

Results and Satisfaction May Vary…

We know that teeth whitening works, but we also know that it doesn’t work equally well for everyone, and it can only do so much. Teeth whitening results are limited by many factors, including the inherent whiteness of your enamel, the thickness of your enamel, the color of your dentin, and other factors.

Whitening also can’t change the shape of your teeth, or replace missing teeth. We’ve found that most patients have more things that they would like to change about their smiles than the whiteness of their teeth. If you’ve tried teeth whitening but are still unhappy with the overall look of your smile, we can discuss other options for getting the results you desire, such as porcelain veneers, which can give you the color of teeth you desire at the same time they correct problems like chipped, crooked, or short teeth.

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