There are many features of our smile that can make them stand out in ways that other people like, but just make us cringe. A crooked tooth. A gap in your smile. A small tooth. A chipped tooth. All of these can make people say you have a “cute” smile, but you might see nothing but flaws.

So what do you do when you start talking about cosmetic dentistry, and all your friends respond, “Don’t change, we love your smile the way it is”? This can put you in a difficult spot, but you can work it through to make the right decision for you by following these steps.

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Remember: It’s Your Smile

The first thing to get straight in your head is that it’s your smile, and you can do what you want with it. You have to do the thing that makes you happy. Whether you ultimately decide to get cosmetic dentistry or keep your smile as it is, you need to make that decision for you, not for others. Other people will see your smile, but you are the one who has to live inside it.

Talk about What Your Smile Means

If there are people who are particularly concerned about you keeping your current smile, ask them why. Ask what the characteristics of your smile mean to them, and why they’d hate to see these things changed. Then explain what these things mean to you, and why you want them changed. It’s possible that you might come to see your smile in a positive light and will decide you don’t need cosmetic dentistry. Or maybe your friends will understand why you want a different smile and come to support cosmetic dentistry. But even if neither of you changes your mind, you’ll probably feel better about your decision.

Consult with a Cosmetic Dentist

Your friends may have their opinions about your smile, but they are, frankly, amateurs. Before you decide one way or another, you want to talk to a professional. Schedule a consultation with one or more cosmetic dentists to learn what they think about your smile and how much you might benefit from certain changes.

Try It on

Before you commit to porcelain veneers or another cosmetic dentistry procedure, you can get a glimpse of your results. We have digital imaging that we can use to show you what you would look like if you changed your smile. In many cases, we can use short-term procedures like dental bonding to let you try on your new smile. Take it home. Enjoy it for a few days. If you like it, we can talk about making it permanent.

Don’t Commit until You’re Comfortable

It’s a lot easier to get cosmetic dentistry later than to try to reverse a procedure you’ve already done. If you’re not certain that you want the procedure, then don’t commit to it, yet. Take some time. Think about it. Examine your feelings. Then, when you’re fully comfortable with what you want, commit to the procedure.

Committing to cosmetic dentistry is a lot easier when you have a cosmetic dentist that gives you full confidence in their abilities and judgment. If you are looking for a talented cosmetic dentist in the Hilton Head area, please call (843) 706-2999 for an appointment at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.