Do you hate your lower denture?
Is it too loose?
Have you been told that you DON’T have enough bone?

Mini-Implants are a GREAT solution for a loose lower or upper denture. They are only a fraction of the size of a traditional implant. This means that they can be used on people who never could have traditional implants.

A diagram showing a mini dental implant supported denture

Mini-Implants can be used to stabilize a lower or upper denture. Patients love how much better they can talk, chew, laugh… you name it.

It only takes one appointment to get your Mini-Implants. That’s right, after your consultation and exam it only takes one appointment. You are numbed using The Wand so that you don’t feel any pain. The implants are gently placed, without stitches. Then your existing denture is “retro-fitted” to attach to the new implants. When you leave the office, you will have a much better fitting denture!

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