When you sit down for a consultation with Dr. Strickland or Dr. Reeves, and they say, “Your life is about to change,” that’s not just something they say. It’s the truth.

You might think that your smile doesn’t make that big of a difference, but the truth is that cosmetic dentistry can really change your life. A lot. Here are six of the biggest ways that a new smile can make a difference.

Better Self-Image

Lynn, a patient in our office has changed he smile with our Fountain of Youth denturesPeople often think that smile makeovers are mostly for people who want to show off, but the truth is that they’re mostly for people who want to feel better. After all, you’re the person who lives with your smile from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Only you know how much your current smile brings you down to look at your smile in the mirror–if you even can, which not everyone can.

It can turn around your self-image to transform your smile. It’s not just about having a more attractive smile to see in the mirror: it’s also about taking control over something that has been bringing you down and not just living bound within the confines of an unattractive smile.

Free to Enjoy Each Day

One impact of not being confident in your smile is that you tend not to show it. And that’s a real shame, because smiling isn’t just how we show we’re happy, it’s something that helps us feel happy.

It’s the way the smile system works. We feel happy, and that triggers a smile. Then when the brain reads the messages from your smiling muscles, it amplifies the feeling more, so that your natural, positive emotions have more of an impact. When you stifle that smile because you’re ashamed of how it looks, you’re also stifling that emotion. That makes you more likely to feel down and less likely to feel happy.

So when you’re confident in your smile, your daily wins will feel bigger and your positive moods will go further.

Health and Beauty

Although we are cosmetic dentists, we are also dedicated to making sure that your smile is as healthy as possible. Unlike most dentists who see their job as fixing problems, we actually look out for your health. We strive to make your smile as healthy as possible, avoiding not just problems for today, but heading off future problems that may develop.

This is actually easy to do when we’re working to improve the appearance of your smile. When it comes to your teeth and gums, health and beauty go hand in hand. Straight teeth are easier to clean, white teeth are visibly free of decay, and large teeth aren’t worn down by an imbalanced bite.

Not only will your smile be its most beautiful, it can also be its healthiest, and that can have overall benefits for your health, helping you to avoid serious chronic illnesses that have been linked to gum disease and tooth infections.

Savor Each Meal

Of course, it’s hard to enjoy eating in public if you don’t like the appearance of your teeth. You have to bite and chew carefully so that other people won’t see the teeth you’re ashamed of. But even when you’re by yourself, unhealthy teeth can make it hard to enjoy food.

With loose teeth, you may have given up some of your favorite foods a while ago because it was painful or you were afraid you might lose a tooth. If your teeth are crooked, you’re more likely to get food stuck in them, which can be unpleasant. Plus, crooked and worn teeth can make it harder to bite and chew foods, which makes them harder to enjoy. And if you have gum disease or a tooth infection, you might have a persistent foul taste in your mouth. Your teeth and gums might be sensitive heat, cold, acid, sweets, and more, making it very hard to enjoy eating.

But when we restore your mouth to full health, you will be happy with all the food that you can enjoy again. It will be easy and comfortable to eat even challenging foods, and everything will taste as it should.

A New Job or Promotion

Some things, we can’t guarantee, such as promising you’ll get a new job or a promotion just because you got a smile makeover. But what we can say is that a smile makeover can improve your odds. People with straighter, whiter smiles are more likely to be hired, and they’re more likely to be offered a higher initial salary. Having an attractive smile makes you look more intelligent, more successful, and more competent, and none of that hurts your chances of getting a promotion.

But probably the biggest difference that will impact your chances of getting a new job is your confidence. You’ll feel so much more confidence when you get a new smile that it’s bound to get noticed, either during interviews or just around the office, and that will help your chances of moving on up.

Taking a Chance on Love

Another thing we can’t guarantee is that your smile makeover will help you find love, but, again, it won’t hurt. Surveys show that an attractive smile is something that everyone looks for in a potential date. Both men and women put it at the top of their list.

But, really, nothing is more attractive than confidence. And when you go from being someone who is ashamed of their smile to being someone who is confident in their smile, you’ll notice a difference in people around you.

Life Changes Happen Here

We strive to make each smile makeover the best. If you’re looking for life-changing dentistry in the Hilton Head area, please call (843) 706-2999 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.