Our childhood years are among the most magical, when we form memories that will last our entire lives. Unfortunately, they’re also among the most damaging for our teeth. Some studies indicate that about a third of all children suffer dental trauma, while others note that the most common ages for dental trauma are 10-13.

Unfortunately, at this age, it’s not just the memory that will last a lifetime–it’s the tooth damage, too, as our most frequently injured teeth are our already-emerged, permanent teeth.

Causes of Tooth Injuries

Kids lead active lives that give many opportunities for tooth injury. The most common cause of tooth injury in children, unfortunately, is assault. Schoolyard tussles are perhaps inevitable, but having a damaged permanent tooth or teeth is a high price to pay for these childhood disputes.

Falls are the second most common cause of tooth trauma. It’s something that happens all too often: a kid playing excitedly trips and falls, injuring their teeth.

Sports are the third most common cause of tooth injuries, with bicycling being one of the most common causes.

Treating Tooth Injuries

When we are young, tooth injuries may be treated differently than at a later age. Many times, nothing may be done. If the tooth isn’t hurting, the injury is cosmetic, and the parents don’t have tooth repair in the budget, simply leaving the damaged tooth alone is a common approach.

Other times, damaged teeth might be shaved down to smooth out the chip. This is quick, inexpensive, and common.

Restorations like tooth bonding are also commonly used.

For a lost tooth, kids may be given a partial denture or a dental bridge.

Are You Happy with the Old Treatment?

If you suffered a childhood tooth trauma, you may be content with what was done, but many people are not. You may be tired of living with a chipped tooth.

You may also be experiencing sensitivity or bite issues related to how your front teeth were smoothed down. Or you may be unhappy with the way your teeth look short now.

Old restorations may also not be a high quality. Old bonding may be stained or worn. You may be tired of your partial dentures, and perhaps your dental bridge is failing.

We can help you get a new restoration that will help you have a beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers can make your teeth look beautiful and can even lengthen teeth that have been ground down.

Dental implants can replace a dental bridge or partial dentures.

There’s no reason why you should continue living with the consequences of a minor childhood event. Please call

(843) 706-2999 for an appointment with a Hilton Head cosmetic dentist who can help you get a beautiful smile, no matter when you had your injury.