It’s actually pretty normal for people looking at their smile to think that it would look perfect if they could change just one thing. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Often to get great cosmetic dentistry results, you have to have multiple procedures that address the overall appearance of your smile.

Female dental patient at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry reacts to her new smile

Teeth Whitening Is Not Enough

One of the most commonly requested cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. The ease of whitening has made it something of an obsession in people looking to improve their smiles, but the best solution to the problem is often more complicated than that.

First of all, many people find that whitening just doesn’t get them the results they want. Whitening can’t address problems with inherently yellowy enamel, thin enamel, or discoloration that comes from within the tooth. Porcelain veneers can, though.

Another problem with whitening is that it won’t work on your restorations. You may have to replace dental crowns or tooth-colored fillings matched to your discolored teeth. Metal amalgam fillings will also show through teeth even more after whitening, making your teeth look grey.

It’s Not Just One Tooth

Another common request is that we fix just one particular tooth that is bothersome because it is small or poorly shaped. But it’s rarely quite so easy to get an attractive smile. Often the one tooth is distracting you from other aspects of your smile appearance, such as crowded or crooked teeth. Fixing the one tooth will call attention to problems with others.

Talking to a cosmetic dentist will give you a good idea about other aspects of your smile that you might not have noticed.

Don’t Forget Function

If your teeth are worn down from years of having a bad bite, you might think it’s enough to build them back up again, but if you try that, you could be disappointed with the results. They may look good at first, but if you don’t fix the bite problems that wore down your natural teeth, your restorations will likely be broken much faster than you want.

Let Us Make Recommendations

Unless you’re a cosmetic dentist, it can be hard to see just what your smile needs. But we can give you the trained, objective perspective you need. We will assess the appearance of your smile as a whole and make recommendations.

For a detailed assessment of your smile, please call  to schedule an appointment with a Hilton Head cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.