Social media stars are now respected influencers. As a result, people with huge followings for their podcasts, blogs, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and other platforms are being actively courted for their ability to sway potential customers, clients, and patients.

Not coincidentally, these people who are finding themselves suddenly in front of so many more eyes every day are also feeling the pressure to look their best. And that often starts with a more beautiful smile.

So, if a dentist makes an offer of free veneers to an influencer it can seem like a wish come true. Unfortunately, this wish may not turn out to be all it’s cracked up to be, because free veneers can come with problems that might make them more expensive than just getting veneers on their own. So if you get approached with an offer like this, think carefully before you decide to take it. Here’s what you have to keep in mind about these offers.

Free veneers might not be the way to go

Dentists Offer Free Veneers to Get Business

Most of the time, when a dentist is making an offer of free veneers, they are trying to drum up more cosmetic dentistry patients. That may be because they don’t have the training or experience with veneers to deliver good results. They are hoping that doing veneers for you can get them the exposure they need to generate business through word-of-mouth and social media.

Dentists who have developed their craft in performing cosmetic dentistry. Their practices are booked with paying patients. They don’t need to offer free veneers to try to drum up business, and they won’t generally offer free veneers. There are a couple of exceptions.

First, they will sometimes do cosmetic work for charity. Second, they will–rarely–offer complimentary work if they’re trying to reach a new demographic that you might have access to.

Dentists’ Skills Vary Widely

We understand that all dentists might seem the same to most people, but we’re not. Not all cosmetic dentists have the talent, training, or experience to deliver great-looking, functional, and durable results with veneers. In fact, most dentists making these kinds of offers have little in the way of experience and not much track record for achieving good results with veneers.

In fact, people who get free veneers may be unhappy with the results they achieve. That’s because you have to choose your dentist carefully to be sure of your cosmetic results.

You Might Have to Pay to Fix Bad Veneers

If you’re any significant influencer, you’ve no doubt gotten plenty of promotional items already. But it’s important to understand that veneers aren’t like other promotional items you’ve gotten. For example, if your blog is about cooking, you’ve probably gotten many, many kitchen gadgets, some useful, but most not. If a gadget isn’t useful, you can just put it aside and not use it.

But you can’t just put veneers aside. Veneers, on the other hand, become bonded to your natural teeth. They essentially are your smile, and if you don’t like them, then you’re stuck with a smile that is unattractive and possibly worse than what you started with. In that case, you’ll have to pay to have bad veneers removed and replaced. This can be even more expensive than just paying for veneers in the first place.

Bad Veneers Can Have Long-Term Consequences

And it’s not just the appearance of your smile that can suffer when you receive bad veneers. Bad veneers can come with a host of functional problems.

If your veneers don’t fit right, for example, you might find that your jaw position is uncomfortable. You might not just chip your veneers, you might experience jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms of TMJ.

If veneers aren’t properly placed, you might experience tooth sensitivity. You may even develop decay around the edge of the veneers. Veneers may be more likely to debond from your teeth, too.

Talk to Several Dentists before Getting Veneers

So how do you decide whether to take that offer of veneers? Well, you need to evaluate it carefully before you make your decision. Here are some steps to take:

Know What’s the Catch:  These veneers aren’t really free. You’re just paying for them with something other than money. Make sure you understand what’s being expected of you before you get veneers. Will you be able to review them honestly or do you have to say only nice things? Are specific promotional posts expected? How long is the arrangement supposed to last?

Research the Dentist: Once you know what the terms are, make sure you know who the dentist is. Research their training, including whether they have advanced training in cosmetic dentistry after leaving dental school. Look at before and after images. Anyone can call themselves a cosmetic dentist–you need to make sure the person really is one.

Consider Other Options: Veneers are potentially the best cosmetic dentistry procedure, but they’re not the only one. They’re not always the best one for all patients, either. Research other possible treatments and make sure that what you’re being offered is what you really want for your smile.

Schedule Consultations with Cosmetic Dentists: Never get cosmetic dentistry without talking to multiple dentists. Different cosmetic dentists have different views of the best approach to solving cosmetic problems. Talking to other dentists can give you valuable perspective on the best approach to improve your smile. Besides, you might find a dentist who is truly worth paying for.

Once you’ve taken these steps, you might decide that the free veneers offer is actually best for you. If so, then take it!

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