Dental implants can be very attractive, but they aren’t always. You and your dentist need to work together to ensure that your final results are as attractive as you want them to be. One of the more challenging aspects to manage is avoiding the appearance of “black triangles” that are caused by gaps in your gum tissue around your dental implants.

A Good Foundation

One of the important, but neglected components for an attractive dental implant is something you never see: the bone supporting the dental implant. Good bone volume and density are crucial to supporting not only the dental implant, holding it in place so it doesn’t deviate from its chosen position, but also supporting the soft tissue around the dental implant.

You can support good bone density by making sure you get proper nutrition to support bone growth and health. You can also make sure you practice good oral hygiene around your dental implant to prevent you from developing gum disease around the implant, which can erode the bone.

Supporting Soft Tissue

Another important aspect of getting the most attractive dental implants is ensuring that the gum tissue around the implant is healthy and full. This can be very challenging, and once the gum tissue has been lost, it may be difficult to restore.

To avoid unsightly “black triangles” around your dental implants, it’s important to support and nurture the gum tissue. Whenever possible, it’s best to get your dental implant placed at the same time as your former tooth is extracted so that the dental implant can step in right away to support the gums. It’s also important to ensure that the extraction of your tooth is not damaging or harmful to the gums, bones, or neighboring teeth.

Immediate placement of a temporary dental crown can really help support the gum tissue. Whenever possible, it’s best to get the dental crown in there right away.

Crowning Glory

Finally, it’s important to make sure that the dental crown is shaped properly to match the shape and size of your gums. The dental crown has to touch your neighboring teeth in a way that eliminates gaps and spaces that can create highly visible black triangles and other spaces.

Precise design and angulation of the dental crown will ensure that it completely fills the space left by your lost tooth without creating gaps or voids.

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