If you’re not practicing your beautiful smile in front of the mirror, you might be missing out on some important benefits. Some people only look at their teeth when they’re brushing, but there are actually good reasons why you should be smiling at that guy you recognize in the looking glass every day.

beautiful woman looks out in the distance with a smile on her face

Get Better at It

Your spontaneous smiles that happen automatically when you feel happy might not need rehearsing, but your social smile is another matter entirely. If you are looking to make the best impression at social functions, it’s good to practice your smile.

One potential benefit of practicing your smile is that you might be able to mimic the Duchenne smile, the so-called genuine smile. It used to be believed that the eye muscles that set this smile apart couldn’t be consciously controlled, but we’ve learned that some people can do it. And maybe you can, too, if you practice.

Make Sure It’s Healthy

Another good reason to practice your smile is to get a good look at your teeth on a regular basis. If you only look at your teeth when you’re brushing them, you might miss some details about your oral health, and that can be bad.

Oral health problems are progressive, and if you don’t detect them early, you’re at more risk for developing a serious problem. Not only that, but if you can identify a problem with a restoration sooner, we may be able to repair the damage rather than having to replace the entire restoration, which is a significant cost difference.

Feel More Confident

If you don’t practice and evaluate your smile more often, you might be harboring some doubts about it. When this occurs, you might be reluctant to share your smile during important social occasions, which can be bad for you.

Practice your smile, and you’ll always be ready to share it.

Feel Happier

Smile therapy is a real thing. Smiling isn’t just something we do when we’re happy–it’s something that can make us happy. So taking the time to get in a few more smiles in the morning before going into work can help make for a more positive day.

Know When It Needs a Touch-Up

Don’t you want to be the first to know if your smile isn’t looking as attractive as it used to, and not the last? It’s best not to have to count on someone else to tell you if your teeth are discolored, chipped, or worn.

Once you know that your smile isn’t looking as nice as it used to, you can schedule an appointment with a Hilton Head cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry so you can get teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or other cosmetic dentistry treatments to restore the appearance of your smile.

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